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Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme Double Triggers Polish Blued 12GA
Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme: Double Triggers Polish Blued 12GA 31481
Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme Double Triggers Polish Blued 12GA

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The Ultimate Cowboy Double Gun. Founded in 1924 as a manufacturer, distributor and importer of firearms, today Stoeger is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benelli and enjoys a reputation for affordable quality. Unlike the Stoeger semi- automatic shotguns which are manufactured under Benelli license in Turkey, the Coach Guns are made by E.R. Armatino in Veranopolis, Brazil.

Since 1962, the company has been in the business of producing affordably priced, quality shotguns for hunters, target shooters and sportsman around the globe. In addition to military and police contracts, E.R. Armatino is also the leading manufacturer and exporter of sporting arms for Brazil.

Regardless of manufacturer, the sawed off double barrel shotgun became such a fixture among stagecoach guards in the Old West that they collectively became known as "Coach Guns". At one point, even the famous stagecoach express company Wells Fargo got into the business of manufacturing double barrel shotguns, making them standard issue to drivers for protection against the notorious highwaymen of the day.

This iconic shotgun has been romanticized in hundreds of Hollywood Westerns and along with the Colt six shooter and Winchester '73 lever rifle, played a critical role on the western frontier. Developed in response to the demand for a value priced handy side-by-side shotgun, the Stoeger Coach Gun has maintained a solid following among Cowboy shooters and home owners alike.

At the heart of the design is a simple break open action. Initially conceived with Cowboy Action shooters in mind, this short barreled scattergun has quickly gained favor among self- defense minded individuals.

Besides its awesome good looks and intimidating appearance, there are few guns on the planet as small, decisive and easy to use. Unlike semi- automatic and pump guns which can often be difficult to operate in inexperienced hands, the Coach Gun requires minimal effort and training to operate effectively.

Simply break the barrels over, drop a shell in each chamber, close the action, push the safety button forward and you're ready to fire. It's just that easy. No tubular magazines to feed, no pumping, no jams and it's impossible to short stroke a side-by-side shotgun.

Since the Coach Gun lacks a magazine tube or an elongated repeater style action, the barrels extend back to the end of the receiver. This means the gun is extremely compact, on average 8- inches shorter than most comparable sized pumps or autos, and weighs in at about one pound lighter.

It also means that recoil while firing heavy loads may send a beginning shooter flying rearward, so caution is advised. For inexperienced or smaller stature shooters, low recoil buckshot might be something to take into consideration.

Another thing to consider is the Stoeger Coach Gun will instantly go on safe every time the action is opened. This may be a point of contention for Cowboy Action shooters looking to close the action and immediately get busy.

Off the competition field, however, an automatic safety catch brings peace of mind while helping to prevent dangerous operating conditions. While it might take a few extra reps at the practice range to get accustomed to taking the gun off safe, the process is nevertheless painless. Simply push the tang mounted safety forward and the gun is instantly ready to fire.

The standard Coach Gun is a 12- gauge side-by-side capable of chambering 2-3/4" up to 3" shells. The barrel break latch is also tang mounted and located directly in front of the safety. This places all the control features on the shotgun in one convenient, user friendly location.

Traditional double triggers strategically provide the shooter with easier control over which barrel to fire first, while minimizing the cost of production. Similarly, mechanical extractors may take an extra second or two to remove spent shells, but can also can come in handy at times when you are required to police empty hulls. It also simplifies the design and further minimizes production costs.

The Stoeger Coach Gun's short 20- inch barrels are outfitted with interchangeable chokes (IC & M tubes + wrench included) that are ideal for short-to-medium range work. Its "AA-Grade" checkered gloss walnut buttstock and forend combine to give the gun its classic appearance, while a fitted soft rubber pad helps to buffer recoil.

The beavertail forend along with pistol grip styling of the buttstock provide a shooter with greater control and maneuverability. A stunning polished blued finish is professionally done and the bead front sight gets on target quickly. The gun easily breaks down into 3- pieces for maintenance and cleaning.

For service and repair, Stoeger is backed by a 5- year warranty. Overall, the Stoeger Coach Gun is simple, affordable and a dependable classic shotgun that is as effective today as it was 150- years ago.
The Frontier Days Gun of Choice
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
20" Barrels
Mechanical Extractors: to Meet Cowboy Action Regulations
Screw- In Chokes (IC & M)
AA- Grade Satin Walnut Stock & Forend w/ Pitol Grip
Double Triggers
Sight: Brass Bead
Polished Blue Finish
Gauge: 12
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Warranty: 5- Year

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