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Transfer Arrangements please contact your local Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in your area to arrange legal transfer.
  • Make sure the dealer agrees to the transfer;
  • Make sure to address all fees (i.e. dealer transfer and any state / local registration);
  • If unsure about possession or ownership of the firearm you intend to purchase online, please ask for clarification from your local FFL dealer;
  • Ensure you are able to pass the background check. Again, if unsure, ask your local FFL for clarification on all federal, state or local requirements that may apply to your situation
  • If you're unable to find a dealer, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Purchase Arrangements
please confirm the gun is in stock on our website, then simply contact us to purchase:
  • The fastest and most painless method is to call and speak to one of our salesman @ (979) 693-9948;
  • Shop hours are Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm (CST)
  • From here, they will automatically secure the gun for purchase and then provide payment routing instructions.

Actual Shipping
and insurance rates are what you pay.