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PLEASE Make it Yours As Well.
PROPER ETIQUETTE Must Be Maintained At All Times.
RECKLESS OR IRRESPONSIBLE Conduct is Completely Unacceptable, Will Not Be Tolerated & Will Result in Immediate Removal From the Range.

NO Food, Drinks or Tobacco Products Allowed in the Range
NO Lead Round Nose Ammo or Black Powder Allowed in the Range
NO Horseplay- Period.
LOADING & UNLOADING Must Be Done From Firing Line Only.
CONTROLLED SHOOTING is Required. No Rapid Fire Unless 100% Certain You Can Keep Every Single Shot On Target.
EXCEPT LAW ENFORCEMENT QUALIFICATIONS- No Drawing From a Holster or From Concealment.
NO UNSAFE CONDUCT Posing for Pictures or Videos.
MUZZLE DISCIPLE- Keep Your Gun Pointed In a Safe Direction At All Times, Until On Target & Ready to Fire.
ALWAYS TREAT Every Gun As if It Were Loaded, Even If You Know It's Not.
DO NOT SHOOT At Anything Other Than Your Target.
KNOW YOUR Target & What Lies Beyond.
USE THE CORRECT Ammunition For Your Gun.
WEAR SAFETY Equipment At All Times. Please Keep Your Glasses & Earmuffs On Until After Exiting the Range.
NEVER USE Drugs or Other Substances that Will Affect Your Mood or Judgment While Shooting.
ZERO TOLERANCE Policy For Misconduct on Range.
IMMEDIATELY REPORT Any Unsafe Conduct to Range Staff.