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We are Not Hiring at This Time

The Position:

Sales Position - must be capable of working 40+ hours a week and most weekends.

Prerequisites: although firearms knowledge is important, experience is not necessary. We are looking for individuals with discipline, focus and that will be capable of providing world class customer service!

- A spotless criminal record is mandatory

- Able to use computers

- Able to perform manual labor

Additional Information: As our way of saying thanks to those who serve, former / current military & law enforcement will automatically get first priority to interview for job opening at Champion Firearms.

- We are looking for long term employees and are not hiring short term or temporary employees.

- If you�re currently a college student applying for employment, please submit your class hours along with the hours you will be available to work

Starting Wages: $9 / hour while training...whether store or range staff ($10 / hour once you learn the position). Our pay scale is strictly knowledge + performance based, not by tenure or seniority.

How to Apply: simply send us an email to request an application ([email protected]), then submit the completed form **in person** to one of our managers.

Sorry, we do not consider job applications submitted via email or U.S. mail