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Beretta 692 Sporting 30" Steelium 12GA
Beretta 692 Plus Sporting 30" Steelium Barrels 12-Gauge
Beretta 692 Plus Sporting 30" Steelium Barrels 12-Gauge

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Beretta's Competition Over-Under Shotgun. The Beretta family has been making guns in Italy's Gardone Valley since the early 1500s and is the oldest company of any kind in the world. Beretta has been the standard by which all other low-profile over-and-under shotguns are judged. The 692 Sporting is very simple, robust and has stood the test of time.

The current design dates back to the 1950's and was engineered to be an affordable alternative to the company's high end competition shotguns. It utilizes a box lock receiver that is CNC machined from a solid forging of hardened and tempered billet steel, which make the 692 an extremely durable shotgun for high volume shooting.

In fact, a Beretta owner has over 700,000 rounds documented through his shotgun and is still going strong today. Unlike other over-and-under designs, there are no protrusions, gaps or spaces in the receiver that allow dirt or dust inside. This translates to greater longevity and higher reliability.

At the heart of the 692 Sporting's construction is a unique system of easily replaceable hinge pins and locking lugs. This means that any Beretta over-and-under receiver can be rebuilt for a lifetime of reliable service. The action utilizes conical lugs on a modified boss platform. This provides a vault like lockup which self- tightens over time, greatly extending the operational integrity of the shotgun.

As the system wears, the conical locking lugs engage further into the locking recesses of the action, ensuring extreme consistency. Lesser shotguns get sloppy fairly quickly, and even flop open as soon as the top lever is depressed. Because the lugs are located high on the receiver, the 692 Sporting is significantly stronger than ordinary over-and-under shotguns.

The location of the locking lugs allow the barrels to sit deeper, and the result is a very low profile receiver. Similarly, since the receiver is wider and the walls are even thicker and heavier than previous 680 series shotguns, which are already twice as thick as competing brands of over-and-unders.

The design offers even more stability and ease of handling during a competition. This in turn aligns the sighting plane closer to the hands -- aiding in the reduction of felt recoil and muzzle rise. The barrels pivot on hinge pins located inside the receiver wall and are also replaceable.

Over time, if the 692 is ever fired to the extent that it needs to be rebuilt, a Beretta gunsmith can easily replace the hinge pins and locking lugs to re-tighten the shotgun. Other over-and-under designs are not serviceable in this way, and the owner is saddled with a permanently loose firearm.

For more than five centuries, Beretta has made the best barrels in the world. The 692 is fitted with Steelium Plus barrels first developed for the DT11, which features forcing cones that extend a whopping 14- inches down the bore for increased shot consistency, accuracy and lower felt recoil.

Next, the barrels undergo a special vacuum distension that restores the alloy�s original characteristics after the correct bore diameter is achieved during manufacturing. Both of the gun's 30- inch barrels are a unique proprietary blend of steel, chromium and molybdenum that are deep-hole drilled, cold hammer forged and then chrome lined, which provides two major advantages.

The first is to ensure the internal barrel dimensions remain perfectly concentric, providing greater precision and accuracy. The second is to add strength for firing steel shot or magnum loads.

The barrels are exceptionally well made and then stress relieved by a controlled cooling process, which slowly bring the steel forging temperatures down over a period of days to maximize barrel harmonics and performance. This results in a superior design that delivers a thinner, more accurate shotgun. Five interchangeable, extended Optima HP chokes are included with the package: C, IC, M, IM & F.

The safety and top levers are conveniently mounted on the strap. Each time the action is opened, the safety catch automatically resets. This feature ensures that the shotgun starts out safely every time. The barrel selector is integral with the safety lever, and therefore occupies the same immediate work space as the other control features for efficient manipulation of the shotgun.

The 692 features Beretta's "B-fast" technology which ensures the shotgun is perfectly balanced at its center point. The extractor legs have been beefed up with more material throughout their length, and they can easily be switched to non-ejector mode when required. A feature borrowed from the Beretta SV10 is the new spring tensioner fitted to the fore-end iron which ensures smooth and consistent opening of the gun, particularly the more work it does and the older it gets.

The high quality walnut stock and forend feature super crisp checkering with a hand rubbed oil finish. A slim beavertail forend provides a comfortable feel in the hand, where the buttstock is outfitted with a Microcore recoil pad. The tight wood-to-metal fit is a fine example of quality craftsmanship in an over-and-under shotgun.

Raised side panels flow into the belly of the action and feature a matte nickel finish to eliminate glare, while providing durability and corrosion resistance. Deep blued barrels are complimented by a gold adjustable trigger, and the gun's wide profile barrel rib is equipped with a bead front sight that tracks targets extremely well. The shotgun is capable of firing 2-3/4" and 3" shells.

For service or repair, the 692 is backed by Beretta's "1+2" policy, which means that as long as you fill out the owner registration card and mail it in, the gun effectively has a three year warranty. Overall, the Beretta 692 Sporting is well built, well balanced, easy to shoot and will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality entry level shotgun.
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
30" Steelium Plus Barrels
Action: New Wide Receiver
Safety: Manual
Trigger: Single Selective Adjustable
Precise Trigger Pull Through Powerful Coil Springs
Sturdy Alloy Firing Pins
Sight: Mid Bead with Bradley Front Bead
Select Hand Rubbed Oil Walnut Stock & Forend
Forend: Round
Buttplate: Microcore
5- Extended Optima HP Choke Tubes (C, IC, M, IM & F)
Custom Fitted Hard Case
Gauge: 12
Warranty: "1+2" (1- year standard with additional 2- years if warranty card is submitted within 30- days of purchase)

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