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Kel-Tec KS7 Black 7+1 Pump 12-Gauge
Kel-Tec KS7 Pump Action Bullpup 7+1 Capacity 12-Gauge KS7BLK
Kel-Tec KS7 Black 7+1 Pump 12-Gauge

Kel-Tec KS7 Black 7+1 Pump 12-Gauge
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Rewriting the Rules. Established in 1991, Kel-Tec is a privately owned U.S. firearms manufacturer located in Cocoa, Florida. The owner and chief engineer, George Kellgren, is a Swedish born designer who created numerous firearms over the past several decades for companies like Husqvarna, Swedish Interdynamics, Intratec and Grendel before founding Kel-Tec. According to the BATF, Kel-Tec is the third largest producer of handguns in the United States.

The KS7 is designed for many applications, but it lends itself perfectly to home defense, back country hiking or anywhere you need a compact 12ga shotgun. Its intuitive, simple features, optional Picatinny-style rail and M-LOK accessory mounting solutions make it very versatile.

While stockless shotguns like pistol grip only models bring the overall length back on par with a KS7, the Kel-Tec has a buttstock that is actually capable of being shoulder mounted and fired. This brings a distinct accuracy and control advantage to any deadly confrontation because it's possible to miss an intruder while firing from the hip.

At the heart of the KS7's design is a glass reinforced polymer bullpup stock whose compact dimensions make it a real game changer for home defense work. With traditional tactical shotguns, close quarter battle situations can get tricky, especially if the bad guy happened to be hiding around a corner and grabs the forend of your shotgun as you pass through a doorway.

The advantage of the KS7's compact design is it allows you to effectively "pie" around a corner (cutting off slices of the visual angle by gradually rotating around a wall) without having to expose or lower your muzzle, keeping the shotgun secure, shouldered and ready to fire.

Both loading and ejection take place at the bottom rear portion of the receiver, which make the KS7 a truly ambidextrous shotgun. The safety catch is located behind the trigger at the top of the pistol grip and can be easily depressed by either shooting hand.

Similarly, the forend release ("action bar lock") is located directly in front of the trigger guard and again can be quickly operated by either hand. The molded pistol grip feels comfortable and the square pattern texturing provides positive traction.

The forend moves effortlessly and only travels 4.1" when pumped. The outside of the forend is also molded with raised squares and provides a comfortable gripping surface. Due to its natural shape, the forend cycles naturally without the use of a forward pistol grip.

At 1st glance, youíll notice the KS7s throwback feature, the carry handle. Sometimes old ideas are reinvented to serve modern demands and thatís definitely the case here. The KS7 carry handle also doubles as a sighting solution and it comes standard. It shoulders nicely and the fiber optic bead sight immediately catches the eye. Itís not your grandpaís shotgun, unless you buy it for him.
For disassembly, the two stock pins easily push out which separate the grip assembly from the receiver The barrel and pump assembly can be removed by loosening the two front magazine tube nuts with a coin and sliding the assembly forward.

A molded rubber pad with square texturing sits on the buttstock and provides a secure mounting platform for the shoulder pocket. Overall, the Kel-Tec KSG is the ultimate compact, high capacity, self- defense shotgun ideally suited for close quarters applications.
Compact Bullpup Design w/ Rubber Pad
Barrel- 18.5 Inch Cylinder Bore
Safety- Grip Mounted Cross Bar
Receiver & Tube- Hardened Steel
Stock & Grip- Glass Reinforced Nylon
Guage: 12 (2.75" & 3" Shells)
Tube Capacities: 7+1
Forend: Nylon w/ Integral Picatinny Rail
Fiber Optic Front Sight
Weight: 5.9 lbs.
Sling Loops: Forward & Rear
Action: Pump
Warranty: Lifetime

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