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Benelli M1014 Pistol Grip Ghost Ring Sights 12-Gauge
Benelli M1014 Tactical Pistol Grip Stock Ghost Ring Sights 12-Gauge 11701
Benelli M1014 Tactical Pistol Grip Stock Ghost Rings 12GA (11701)

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Piston Driven Shotgun. Benelli is an Italian firearms manufacturer located in Urbino, Italy and is world famous for producing high quality hunting, military and law enforcement shotguns.

At the heart of the design is Benelli�s piston driven system. Designed to function with 2 �� or 3� shells, the M4's ARGO system (which stands for �Auto Regulated Gas Operated�) employs dual stainless self-cleaning pistons, located just ahead of the chamber, that are impinged by hot gases through dual gas ports. This system is, by nature, cleaner than other gas-operated semi-automatics.

Benelli found it prudent to balance innovation with proven design. This is where the bolt mechanism comes into play. While the ARGO system is vastly different from the Inertia Driven semi- auto, the bolt mechanism will look familiar to anyone who has dealt with a Benelli shotgun. It employs the familiar vault- like rotating bolt design that locks directly into the barrel extension.

Gas from the ports impinge the system�s dual pistons, which then move toward the receiver and provide rearward thrust to the bolt carrier.
The shotgun is incredibly simple and lightweight, weighing in at only 7.8 pounds.

The major advantage of the Benelli M4 Tactical is fast follow-up shots in close quarters combat. The shotguns advanced technology also removes the risk of �short-stroking� the action, which can happen under stress. The M4 is hands down the most advanced tactical auto- loader on the market, and a proven shotgun you can bet your life on.

It's signature pistol grip stock is included and has many advantages over a straight stock, which include: better control, better defense concerning a possible disarm attempt and allowing for greater one-handed manipulation of a shotgun. The pistol grip makes it easier to keep the shotgun tight to the shoulder while reloading with your support hand. When adding extended magazine tubes, the pistol grip supplies better support balance and less fatigue in a low ready position. It also makes it easier to manipulate the shotgun while the support hand is opening doors or navigating hallways.

The 18.5" hammer-forged barrel is exceptionally well made and has a high quality Fleurs de Lys proofed steel that is then chrome lined, which provides two major advantages. The first is to ensure that the internal barrel dimensions are perfectly concentric, which greatly enhances accuracy. The second is to add strength for handling steel shot and magnum loads.

The chrome-lined barrel is proof-tested in Brescia, Italy, to a pressure of 19,571 psi. This is roughly double the pressure of shotshells, so it provides an ample safety margin. One standard flush fit interchangeable choke is included-- Modified.

The trigger guard can easily accommodate gloves, and the trigger group features a user friendly, one-pin removal for cleaning. For ease of operation, the bolt handle has been oversized and the bolt release enlarged. The bolt holdback button is located on the right side of the trigger guard. A stealth- like, matte black finish provides maximum concealment in tactical situations.

The ghost ring sights are reported to be as fast at target acquisition as bead or rifle sights, almost as accurate as rifle sights when firing slugs, while providing a high visibility sight picture easier to acquire for many shooters. A standard M1913 Picatinny rail is included for mounting optics.

The shotgun has a triangular crossbolt safety conveniently located behind the trigger that engages quietly and easily. For service and repair, it is backed by a rock solid 10 year manufacturers warranty. Overall, the Benelli M4 Tactical is a rugged dependable and fast handling home defense shotgun.
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
Ghost Ring Sights
18.5" Chrome Lined, Hammer Forged Steel Barrel
ARGO (Auto Regulated Gas Operation): Self Cleaning, Dual Gas Pistion Semi- Auto
M1014 Pistol Grip Fixed Stock
1- Screw- In Choke: M w/ Choke Wrench
Magazine Capacity: 5+1
Picatinny Receiver Optics Rail
Matte Black Finish
Gauge: 12
Weight: 7.8 lbs.
Warranty: 10 Years

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