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Uberti 1873 El Patron Competition 5.5" .45LC
Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patron Competition 5.5" Barrel .45LC 345181
Uberti 1873 El Patron Competition 5.5" .45LC 345181

Uberti 1873 El Patron Competition 5.5" .45LC (345181)
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Low prices on the Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patrón Competition .45 Colt start at Champion Firearms.

Inspired By The Guns of the Old West. The firearms of America's past carry the names of giants like Sam Colt, who lived and worked in New England's Gun Valley, and created the iconic revolvers that would ultimately come to symbolize the life and death struggle of the frontiersman in places like Dodge City, Tombstone and Deadwood. Today, those revolvers are collector's items and considered too valuable to shoot, but these legendary designs are still available to shooters who want to re- live the Old West. They have been recreated NOT in New England's Gun Valley, but in the historic Gun Valley of Italy.

The Gardone Valley is home to Aldo Uberti and parent company Pietro Beretta, located in the foothills of the Italian Alps. This is a peaceful place with a history of weapon making that dates back some two thousand years to the Roman empire. In fact, Beretta is the oldest active firearms manufacturer in the world and produces the Uberti 1873 in the very same manufacturing facility as their competition grade shotguns and various other military weapons.

In 1960, Italian movie director Sergio Leone approached Uberti to produce the Old West guns that Clint Eastwood would use in the gritty roles that made him famous- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, A Fist full of Dollars and other classics that would collectively be known to as the "Spaghetti Westerns". The movies would also promote worldwide interest in the guns of the American Old West. From a purely collector standpoint, the Colt 1873 is considered one of the finest firearms ever made, and the Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patrón is a faithful reproduction of that legendary sidearm.

The gunsmith's at Uberti have fitted each El Patrón with high grade, U.S. manufactured Wolf springs. This is a reliable, light and fast revolver with a tuned action that has been carefully tested and certified for fit and function. It also includes a lower and wider competition hammer for easy one-handed cocking and fast shooting on horseback.. A one- piece walnut grip is plain and smooth. It fills the shooter’s hand with the perfect arc that made the original Single Action Army (SAA) renowned for its pointing and gun-fighting capabilities.

The steel frame is case color hardened and displays a texture that adds to the revolver’s nostalgic looks. The rest of the metal on the Uberti is deep blued for a smooth, even appearance, which includes the barrel, cylinder, trigger, backstrap and ejector rod.

Operationally, the Uberti 1873 Cattleman has the same design function as the original Colt Peacemaker and early 3- screw Rugers, without the neutered look or feel of the current Ruger single action lineup. In other words, Uberti still retains the firing pin on the hammer, along with the four distinct clicks (safe notch, half- cock / load notch and full- cock notch) that are heard as the hammer is being cocked back on this SAA style revolver.

Old timers used to say that the safest way to carry a single action revolver is to load only five chambers, and then let the hammer ride on an empty sixth chamber. While this is still sound advice, a modern transfer bar system allows the Uberti to carried with a fully loaded cylinder, where there this no risk of accidental discharge if banged or dropped. This is a passive hammer block, so the firing pin cannot reach the primer unless the trigger is pulled.

While still retaining the authentic look and feel of a classic 1873 single action revolver, Uberti has also included two additional manual safeties that provide extra security during transport or when handling. The first is a hammer block safety. This is evidenced by a slot milled through the rear surface of the hammer beneath the spur. To activate, simply pull the hammer slightly rearward until you feel the first click-- then stop-- now the safety is engaged.

When activated, the hammer block safety mechanism places a steel insert between the hammer and frame. Pulling the hammer all the way rearward, then squeezing the trigger instantly disengages both transfer bar and hammer block safeties.

The remaining safety feature is not as quick or easy to engage and resides in the heart of the gun. It is activated by pushing the base pin rearward as far through the frame as it will go. This sets the hammer back off of the frame and the revolver is no longer capable of firing. A word of caution, unlike the transfer bar system, neither hammer block nor base pin safeties are automatic and must be physically set by the shooter.

As any cowboy knows, the safest way to carry a single-action is with the hammer resting on an unloaded chamber. This is true even for the Uberti retractable firing pin design. But in the case of the Uberti design, the risk of accidental discharge is reduced: the firing pin is not locked into the firing position unless the trigger is pulled.

This enhanced safety feature is available without a visible transfer bar safety, which those who insist on visual authenticity might not want. In other words, from the outside this revolver’s looks and operation are identical to those of an original.

1. While at rest, the firing pin floats free in its guide, exerting no pressure towards the chamber.

2. With the hammer at full cock, the sear shifts into position to engage the firing pin once the trigger is pulled.

3. When the trigger is pulled from a fully-cocked position, the sear engages the firing pin, locking it in the forward position until the trigger is released.

Outside of the added safety measures previously mentioned, mechanically the 1873 Cattleman works just like any other SAA. The gun is loaded by partially cocking the hammer, which then allows the cylinder to spin freely, and opens the loading gate, exposing the chambers. To remove empty casings, preform the same operation except this time you will use the spring-loaded ejector located under the barrel to push the spent brass out of the cylinder.

The trigger pull is smooth and crisp. This is a "New Model" (NM) 1873 Cattleman El Patrón, which means it has a slightly taller fixed front sight, an oblong ejector head and spring loaded cylinder pin retainer, which makes disassembly and cleaning easier. The revolver weighs in at 2.3 lbs., has a 5-1/2" barrel, includes a 6- shot fluted cylinder and is backed by a 5- year warranty.

Overall, the Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patrón is a highly regarded among SASS competition shooters, collectors, shooting enthusiasts and anyone looking for ultra reliable, top quality replica single action revolver.

Smooth Tuned Action
High Grade Wolf Springs
Lower & Wider Serrated Competition Hammer
Colt Single Action Army Replica-- Authentic Feeling "4- Click" Hammer Notches (half- cock, load and full- cock)
Hammer Safety Bar: Unlike Original Colt SAA Design, Allows Hammer to Safely Rest On a Loaded Chamber
5.5" Barrel
Polished Blued Cylinder, Barrel, Ejector Rod & Backstrap
Case Hardened Frame
Checkered Walnut Grips
Caliber: .45LC
Cylinder: 6- Round Fluted
Warranty: 5- Year Limited

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