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Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech Ember Stainless .243 Win
Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech Ember Stainless .243 Win JRTXRBS315
Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech Ember Stainless .243 Win JRTXRBS315

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Affordable Quality. Unmatched Accuracy... Tikka is owned and manufactured by Sako in Finland. Even though the word "tikka" in Finnish translates to "woodpecker", it actually has no correlation to the Scandinavian firearms company's trade name. In reality, the business name Tikka is short for Tikkakoski, named after the district in Finland where the factory is located.

Founded in 1893 by Martin Stenij, Tikkakoski was originally a metal workshop that eventually experienced a change of ownership in 1930 and was subsequently purchased by German arms dealer Willi Daugs. The following year, production of the Suomi KP/31 submachine gun began.

After 1933, Tikkakoski commenced with production of Maxim machine guns, along with machine gun ammo belts. Throughout World War II, the company continued to produce submachine guns, machine guns, and barrels. Following the war, Tikkakoski's assets were seized by the Soviet Union as they were considered a German company and firearms manufacturing was subsequently halted.

Instead, Tikkakoski went from from the business of producing military grade machine guns, to the manufacture of sewing machines. In 1957 the company was purchased back from the Soviets by a group of Finnish investors and in 1983, after 100- years in business, Tikka merged with Sako to form "Oy Sako-Tikka Ab". Interestingly, not only has Tikka been in business longer than its sister company, but they also started producing firearms earlier than Sako.

At the heart of the Tikka T3x Lite design is an incredibly smooth action that feeds like butter. The bolt is slick and glides back and forth effortlessly without the grinding or binding often associated with other actions. In fact, it gives the rifle a distinct feel of pure quality. Both the bolt and bearing surfaces inside the receiver are highly polished, allowing the bolt to slide effortlessly.

A separate bolt handle with a hollow pear shaped bolt knob is dovetailed into the body and acts as a retainer for the firing pin and spring-- made of stainless steel and then Teflon coated. A metallic shroud, new for the T3x, rides on the back of the bolt and acts as a cocking piece that is attached to the firing pin, which also serves as the cocking indicator.

The Tikka T3x Lite carries over the highly successful 2- lug series bolt of its predecessors, and is outfitted with an incredibly reliable Sako extractor system. Constructed out of a special, durable heat treated steel, the Sako extractor has a longer, wider hook that gives a more positive bite on the case rim. Many experts consider this to be an essential feature for ensuring accurate and reliable bolt action performance in a push feed rifle. For cleaning and maintenance, the bolt release is located on the left side of the action and is very easy to depress.

Rather than the usual 90- degree bolt throw for a 2- lug system, the Tikka T3x Lite only requires a 70-degree lift that makes it feel akin to the 60- degree throw out of the newer Sako 3-lug system. It carries a spring and plunger ejector.

Unlike Remington, which uses two action sizes and Sako, which uses six, Tikka only uses one uniform action size across the board for all calibers-- whether you buy a .223REM or .300WIN. To compensate for the differences in case length, even though its magazines are all the same outside diameter, blocks located inside the T3's magazine well ensure the appropriate overall length for individual cartridges to feed properly.

One clever feature incorporated into the T3x Lite has been the front latching magazine system. This allows the magazine to be moved rearward so that it butts up against the trigger.

Since there is no space between the trigger and magazine, such as the Remington 700, Tikka was able to engineer a more compact action than had traditionally been possible on other designs. The .308 detachable polymer magazine holds 3- rounds, while its single stack configuration ensures smooth feeding and reliability.

Another notable feature on the Tikka T3x Lite is the excellent single stage trigger that is constructed of special steel and is user adjustable from 2 to 4 pounds. The two position safety locks both bolt and trigger.

A weather resistant black synthetic stock has sleek and distinctive lines
, and receives many updates in the T3x line. The pistol grip is interchangeable, making it possible to modify the grip angle, and there is an attachment point toward the front that allows the width of the forend to be adjusted as well. All grip surfaces receive a new, asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that gives a sold grip in all conditions.

Constructed of steel stock, the recoil lug has an insert that engages the receiver slot underneath the action. These steel recoil lugs have minimal deformation, even with large calibers, which is especially impressive when compared to the aluminum lugs used by many other manufacturers.

The deep blued finish has been professionally done and as the name implies, this is the T3x Lite, so the rifle weighs in at mere 6 pounds empty. It has a thick walled carbon steel receiver cut to exacting tolerances by the same workers and on the same CNC machines that are used to produce Sako actions.

A minimal sized ejection port makes the receiver extremely rigid. One feature of pure custom actions is they all strive for long tenon length, and the T3x tenon (or barrel shank) is about .980" long-- significantly longer than the Remington 700.

In fact, Tikka uses such high quality specs that most gunsmiths don't even preform a full blueprint when customizing a T3x rifle. Moreover, with the large Remington style recoil lug absent, a gunsmith can easily chuck up a Tikka barreled action to thread the muzzle, or even re-crown the barrel.

The T3x's cold hammer forged barrel is fluted and threaded and measures 22.3- inches for maximum maneuverability in tight areas like a blind, while still maintaining terminal ballistics down range. Tikka imposes an accuracy standard of three shots fired under one-inch at 100- meters. While the rifle does not include iron sights, the receiver features a 17mm integral dovetailed rail and the T3x receiver has extra screw placements, making it even easier to mount the shooter's optic of choice.

For service and repair, the Hunter is backed by a 2- year factory warranty. The Tikka T3x Lite is the next evolution of a rifle line that is considered one of the absolute best buys on the market with an outstanding reputation for accuracy, high quality and superior craftsmanship for every rifle that leaves the factory.
Stainless Steel
All Weather Grip Textured Stock
Adjustable Trigger: User Friendly Design-- from 2 to 4 lbs
No Sights: Integral Dovetail Scope Base System & Tapped Receiver w/ Extra Screw Placements
22.3" Hammer Forged: 1:10 Twist Fluted & Threaded Barrel
Low Profile Detachable Box Magazine
Free Floating Barrel

Steel Recoil Lug
Caliber: .243 Win
Weight: 6 lbs.
Warranty: 2- Year

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