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Taurus Judge 3" Barrel Blued 3" Shells .410GA/.45LC
Taurus Judge: 410/45LC (3" Shells) Blued 3" Barrel 4510TKR-3BMAG
Taurus Judge: 410/45LC (3" Shells) Blued 3" Barrel 4510TKR-3BMAG

Taurus Judge: 410/45LC (3" Shells) Blued 3" Barrel 4510TKR-3BMAG
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Low prices on the Taurus Judge 3" Barrel Blue 2-1/2" & 3" Shells .410/.45LC start at Champion Firearms-

All Rise! The Honorable Judge Presiding... Founded in 1939 as a tool and die manufacturer,
"Forjas Taurus" (or Forged Bull, from the Greek myth in which Zeus transformed himself into a white bull) is an international conglomerate based in Brazil with divisions focusing on firearms, metals manufacturing, plastics, body armor, helmets and civil construction. Taurus produced its first revolver in 1941 and began to export firearms to the United States in 1968.

The company's various models share strong similarities with the proven designs of manufacturing powerhouses such as Smith & Wesson and Beretta, which is no coincidence. In fact, all three firms share a common past. In 1971, the parent company for Smith & Wesson purchased a controlling interest in Taurus and this allowed the two companies to easily share information regarding manufacture and design.

Even though Taurus was sold to its current owners in 1977, the die was already cast and the designs have remained extremely similar every since. Then in 1980, after completing contracts to produce firearms for Brazil's military forces, Taurus purchased Beretta's Sao Paulo manufacturing plant along with the tooling, technical drawings and workforce necessary to produce several semi-automatic pistol designs.

The 4510 Tracker, or Taurus Judge as it is now commonly referred, was the first successful line of revolvers capable of firing shotgun shells. In 2006, Taurus actually re-named the entire series "The Judge" after it was discovered that a large number of inner city Miami courtroom judges began carrying this handgun in self-protection. But if you're just looking for something to carry around with you on timber trails or around the house to protection against creatures such as rattle snakes, cottonmouths or copperheads, it works equally well.

At the heart of the Taurus Judge is a versatile self- defense platform capable of combining the use of shotgun shells with potent centerfire cartridges.
Shotguns shells work like magic eliminating snakes in hard to reach areas-- where a garden hoe may not be long enough or fast enough to get the job done. Not only does it allow you to maintain a safe distance from things like venomous snakes or skunks, but it's also much easier to strap this revolver on your hip that toting around a garden hoe. Same thing goes for effective snake killing long guns like a .410 single or pump action shotguns.

The Taurus Judge is a scattergun capable of conveniently going just about anywhere, whether in a backpack, glove box, shoulder or thigh rig. Centerfire cartridges often make a poor choice for shooting snakes, where even expert marksmanship may leave a snake riddled with 9mm holes, but still keeps going. Moreover, the wider blast radius from 126 pellets of #8 shot is usually enough to decapitate any snake, even in the hands of those who are not crack shots.

As a self- defense weapon, handguns like the Taurus Judge are often criticized as questionable for self- defense situations. There is no doubt that spraying an armed intruder in the face at point blank range with #8 shot will at a minimum get their attention, most likely leading to total incapacitation. However, when that same load fired from across one's house, it is highly unlikely slow a drug crazed deadly assailant down. Luckily, there are other options at a home owner's disposal. Since the Judge is also capable of firing potent centerfire cartridge's like the .45 Long Colt, loading the first two chambers with 00-Buckshot, and then loading the remaining three chambers with 250- grain Winchester Silvertips .45LC will unquestionably prove a formidable combination against any potential perpetrator.

While it is not the only one of its kind on the market, Taurus offers unique advantages over the competition. The first thing that immediately grabs your attention is the price. Since the disappearance of the Thunder Five years ago, the only other similar handgun is the Smith & Wesson Governor. Even though it is a well built, lightweight and high quality firearm, the Governor is also nearly double the price of a Judge.

The Judge is equipped with a transfer bar safety that prevents the gun from unintentionally discharging, even if bumped or dropped, unless the trigger is pulled all the way rearward. Forged blued steel construction provides rust and corrosion resistance. It has an ergonomic, user friendly shape that fits well in most size hands. It also has a nice curve to the backstrap which adds gripping surface without adding bulk to the compact lines. A traditional double action design allows the gun to be safety fired from either a long double action trigger pull, or to be cocked back and aim fired from a crisp single action pull. The spurred hammer is checkered and provides a non- slip surface area for the thumb.

A word of caution: while Taurus' exclusive shock absorbing grip provides improved handling and recoil control, the gun nevertheless still has some serious recoil and is not for the faint of heart. While shooting full powered buckshot, slugs or .45 Long Colt +P, it can even get downright snappy. On the other hand, most owners report that it is far from abusive or unmanageable. The sights provide an excellent sight picture for rapid target acquisition in close quarters encounters. A low profile notched type rear sight provides snag free performance, while also eliminating the headache of having to worry about a rear blade sight that has broken or fallen off. The fiber optic front sight gathers light and allows the shooter to get on target quickly.

The Taurus Judge has a 3- inch rifled barrel and holds five rounds in its behemoth sized cylinder, which is chambered for firing 2.5" or 3" .410 gauge shells. An extended ejector rod provides positive extraction for fired casings or shells. The Taurus Security System allows the gun to be rendered inoperable by turning an inconspicuous key-lock device with a special tool provided. Weighing in at 36.8-ounces, one of the major factor's in the Judge's favor is that it's an intimidating handgun when viewed from any angle. For service and repairs, the gun is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Overall, the Taurus Judge receives high marks for quality, construction and handling characteristics, while remaining very affordable, reliable and a capable all purpose revolver.
Fires .410 Shotgun Shells & 45LC
2.5" & 3" .410 Gauge Shells
Tuned Rifling to Spread Shot Pattern at Close Quarters
Traditional Double Action
Soft Ribber Grips
Portable Utilility Gun
Transfer Bar Safety
Internal Key Lock Safety- located discreetly on the back of the hammer, completely deactivates revolver
Caliber: .410 Gauge / 45 Long Colt
Cylinder Capacity: 5- Round
.410 Shell Size: 2.5" & 3"
Frame & Cylinder: Forged Blued Steel
Barrel Length: 3"
Action: Traditional Double
Sights: Fixed U- Notch Rear w/ Fiber Optic Front
Weight: 36.8 oz.
Grips: Recoil Absorbing "Ribber"
Warranty: Lifetime

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