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Taurus G3C T.O.R.O. Optics Ready Blued Finish 9mm
Taurus G3C T.O.R.O. Optics Ready Blued Finish 9mm 1-G3CP931
Taurus G3C T.O.R.O. Optics Ready Blued Finish 9mm (1-G3CP931)

Taurus G3C T.O.R.O. Optics Ready Blued Finish 9mm (1-G3CP931)
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Affordable Concealed Carry. Founded in 1939 as a tool and die manufacturer,
"Forjas Taurus" (or Forged Bull, from the Greek myth in which Zeus transformed himself into a white bull) is an international conglomerate based in Brazil with divisions focusing on firearms, metals manufacturing, plastics, body armor, helmets and civil construction. Taurus produced its first revolver in 1941 and began to export firearms to the United States in 1968.

The company's various models share strong similarities with the proven designs of manufacturing powerhouses such as Smith & Wesson and Beretta, which is no coincidence. In fact, all three firms share a common past. In 1971, the parent company for Smith & Wesson purchased a controlling interest in Taurus and this allowed the two companies to easily share information regarding manufacture and design.

Even though Taurus was sold to its current owners in 1977, the die was already cast and the designs have remained extremely similar every since. Then in 1980, after completing contracts to produce firearms for Brazil's military forces, Taurus purchased Beretta's Sao Paulo manufacturing plant along with the tooling, technical drawings and workforce necessary to produce several semi-automatic pistol designs.

If you're looking for something smaller and lighter than the gun you've been carrying, this little self- defense pistol easily slips inside the waistband or purse, virtually disappearing while being carried concealed. In fact, this handgun is ready to go just about anywhere. Suffice it to say, no other handgun offers better concealed carry features, higher functionality, performs better at a better price than the G3C.

While it is certainly not the only one of its kind on the market, Taurus nonetheless offers unique advantages over the competition. The first thing that immediately grabs your attention is the price. With the exception of Kel-Tec, no one really makes a good quality, small, lightweight, reliable 9mm that is as cost effective as the G3C.

The combination of design ergonomics with a lightweight, durable polymer frame is impressive considering how soft the felt recoil is on this diminutive little pistol. What's even more impressive is how easy the chamber is to load, when compared to other handguns in its class. A non-slip grip surface texture has been strategically placed on the frame to provide better control, even under adverse conditions. A one-inch Picatinny forward rail allows for the addition of tactical accessories such as mini weapon's light or laser.

At the heart of the Taurus G3C's design is what the company refers to as the "Pro Trigger System. It is impressively smooth and does not stack. The trigger system is reported to solve the double/single action dilemma once and for all. While the the trigger is long and technically functions very similar to double action only, it nevertheless breaks cleanly. How this works is when a round is chambered, the trigger sets to "single action" mode. In this mode, the trigger only requires 2.4 pounds to swing it back to the break point, where an initial 6.5 pounds are then required to complete the firing cycle. Combined with the gun's excellent manual thumb safety, it provides comfort and peace of mind for those looking for the security of having an on-board device capable of blocking the trigger, when required.

In addition, the pistol is also equipped with a center blade style trigger safety that prevents the sear from releasing, even if the gun is bumped or dropped, unless the trigger is pulled all the way rearward. The advanced black polymer frame has an ergonomic, user friendly shape that fits well in most size hands. It also has a nice curve to the backstrap which adds gripping surface without adding bulk to the compact lines. The frame has internal steel inserts, where needed, to ensure reliability, strength and structural integrity. To help add to the grip surface, the frame has index pads on each side below the slide. By inserting the support thumb into this indent, the grip will remain consistent will stay every time the G3C is indexed.

This is a striker driven design and like other Taurus pistols, possess a double strike capability that allows the trigger to be depressed multiple times without having to charge the slide. This is a handy feature in a dangerous situation, where the shooter encounters a defective primer, and the friction from second or third strike from the firing pin is often sufficient to ignite the propellant and discharge the weapon. The Taurus G3C has a low profile magazine release that's just large enough for a quick reload, but is not so elevated that it might be unintentionally activated, dropping the magazine from the gun.

The slide itself is constructed of forged steel that is strong and durable. It is beveled at the muzzle and rounded at the back, giving the pistol a more slender profile than some of its boxy competitors. Aggressive rear slide serrations provide a better gripping surface to charge the slide. A set of low profile, rear adjustable sights provide a sufficient sight picture for close quarters encounters. The pistol includes a visual loaded chamber indicator on top of the barrel. This allows for tactile confirmation that a round has been chambered, even in the dark, by simply running your thumb over the slide. There is no magazine disconnect safety, so the pistol can still be fired with the magazine removed.

The pistol weighs in at just 21.3 ounces and has a 3.28 inch barrel. When loaded with a street proven 9mm load, this pistol will easily do its job, that is if the shooter does their part. The Taurus Security System allows the gun to be rendered inoperable by turning an inconspicuous key-lock device with a special tool provided. Three 12- round high capacity magazines are supplied with the package. For service and repairs, the gun is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Overall, the Taurus G3C is a highly affordable, reliable and capable self- defense pocket pistol.
Enhanced Ergonomic Finger Indexing Frame
Manual Thumb & Firing Pin Block Safeties
Posi Traction Slide Serrations
Integral Finger Groove Magazine Base Plate- provides a solid grip on a compact gun
Caliber: 9mm
Magazines: (3) 12- Round
Frame: Black Polymer
Slide: Forged Steel
Finish: Matte Blued
Barrel: 3.28"
Action Type: Double Strike DAO
Sights: Adjustable 3- Dot
Weight: 21.3ozs.
Grip Surface: Non- Slip Textured Polymer
Warranty: Lifetime

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