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Stoeger Condor Field 26" 12-Gauge
Stoeger Condor Field: 26"barrels / 12-Gauge 31025
Stoeger Condor Field 26" 12-Gauge

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Always Right at Home. Founded in 1924 as a manufacturer, distributor and importer of firearms, today Stoeger is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benelli and enjoys a reputation for affordable quality. Unlike the Stoeger semi- automatic shotguns which are manufactured under Benelli license in Turkey, the Condor Field is made by E.R. Armatino in Veranopolis, Brazil.

Since 1962, the company has been in the business of producing affordably priced, quality shotguns for hunters, target shooters and sportsman around the globe. In addition to military and police contracts, E.R. Armatino is also the leading manufacturer and exporter of sporting arms for Brazil.

The Stoeger Condor Field is an over & under shotgun that is nicely balanced, quick handling and has stylish lines found on guns that cost twice as much. Equally at home out in the field or while shooting clays, the receiver locks up by using tapered cones that engage recesses machined into the monobloc.

This provides a solid lock-up every time, which allows the gun to open and close smoothly. The jeweled block provides greater longevity and is certainly more pleasant to look at than a simple blued block.

While initial looks can be deceiving, the Stoeger Condor Field is well finished, accurately machined, has a tight action and a crisp trigger.
Hand crafted in Brazil, the receiver is precision machined to exacting tolerances. This helps to ensure the gun will last year after year.

While the gun is capable of prolonged use, it will not hold up to extreme shooting conditions. If you're looking for a shotgun to put 10,000+ rounds through every year, this isn�t it.

Then again, you probably couldn't find a new over & under shotgun for under $1,500 that will. The Stoeger Condor Field is a well built, economical shotgun specifically engineered for field use. Under normal hunting conditions, it will offer a lifetime of reliable service.

For an entry level over-under, the wood-to-metal fit is surprisingly well done. Tooling marks are at a minimum and the lines where the barrels join the monobloc are equally unobtrusive.

Out of the box, the gun has a tight fit and after running a few hundred rounds through it, the Condor will loosen up a bit. However, this is certainly not to say that the gun will get sloppy.

Another impressive attribute is barrel regulation, or the ability for each barrel to converge and hit as close to the point of aim as possible for its intended purpose. In this case, accuracy at bird hunting distances.

Suffice it to say patterning is consistent and regulation respectable. One thing to keep in mind is the Condor Field has a tang mounted thumb safety that is solidly constructed and automatically resets every time the action is opened.

This should hopefully bring peace of mind and help to prevent dangerous operating conditions -- especially at times when a shooter reloads, then forgets to engage the safety. The Condor Field is a 12- gauge side-by-side shotgun capable of chambering 2-3/4" up to 3" shells.

The barrel break lever is also tang mounted and located directly in front of the safety. This places all the control features on the shotgun in one convenient, user friendly location. While not shooter selective, the single trigger mechanism toggles back and forth firing barrels.

Similarly, mechanical extractors may take an extra second or two to remove spent shells, but can also can come in handy at times when you are required to police empty hulls. The 26- inch barrels are outfitted with interchangeable chokes (IC & M) and a ventilated rib.

The "A-Grade" checkered walnut buttstock and forend combine to give the gun its classical good looks. The forend and pistol grip styling of the buttstock provides the shooter greater control. A deep blued finish is nicely done and the bead front sight gets on target quickly.

The gun easily breaks down into 3- pieces for maintenance and cleaning. For service and repair, Stoeger is backed by a 5- year warranty. Overall, the Stoeger Condor Field is simple, affordable and is a well built over-under shotgun that is designed for years of dependable service.
Elegant & Affordable
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
26" Barrels
Mechanical Extractors: Easier to Collect Spent Shells
2- Interchangeable Choke Tubes (IC & M) with a Choke Wrench
A- Grade American Walnut Stock & Forend
Single Trigger
Sights: Brass Bead
Deep Blued Finish
Gauge: 12
Weight: 7.3 lbs.
Warranty: 5- Year

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