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Smith & Wesson Governor 6- Shot .410 + .45LC + .45ACP
Smith & Wesson Governor Stainless: 410 Gauge / 45LC / 45ACP 160410
Smith & Wesson Governor Stainless .410/.45LC/.45ACP (160410)

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Does the Governor Outrank a Judge? The Smith & Wesson Governor is a revolver capable of firing both shotgun shells and centerfire cartridges. With .410, the Governor can only fire 2-1/2" length shells, but is not limited to the type of loads fired.

It is equally at home with birdshot, buckshot or slugs. Unlike the Taurus Judge, the Governor is capable of firing both .45 Long Colt and .45ACP cartridges. This is due to the fact the cylinder is cut for moon clips, which makes shooting an auto cartridge like the .45ACP possible in a wheel gun, and also has the added advantage of acting like an self- contained speed loader.

In essence, .45ACP cartridges have a short over all length and slide easily into the cylinder, while moon clips keep the rounds together for positive loading and ejection. Also, moon clips have correct balance and are rigid, allowing just the right amount of cartridge movement to make loading even easier.

At the heart of the Governor frame lies Scandium, a rare metal that has the ability to transmit its strength and flexibility when alloyed with other metals, in this case aluminum. This greatly reduces weight while maintaining strength and integrity.

It has a massive Z- Frame chassis that accommodates 1- extra round over the Judge, placing the total to 6- rounds in the cylinder. This revolver weighs in at only 29.6 ounces unloaded and balances surprisingly well in the hand.

An excellent set of soft rubber grips allow a full hand wrap and also helps to minimize felt recoil. Shots can be fired in either a double action mode, or for greater precision, the large exposed hammer can be easily cocked back and fired using a crisp single action trigger pull.

The hammer is checkered on the top side, making cocking sure and foolproof. The double action mode is long, but the trigger remains smooth throughout. When cocking the hammer for single action, the trigger pull is almost imperceptible.

The smooth organic contours of the Governor make it an equally superb fighting gun as it does a target revolver. It�s a bit bulky for concealed carry, but an ergonomic design combined with decent power make it an excellent choice for either home defense or plinking.

On an instinctive level, the Smith & Wesson Governor makes perfect sense. The short 2.5" barrel is designed for close-range defensive tasks, not target shooting. In close quarters deadly encounters, it is far easier to hit an attacker with a quick blast from a shotgun shell than to launch a single projectile at a moving target.

And if the intruder has managed to make it past the first 3- shots of .410 Gauge 00 buckshot, you still have the option of following up with an additional 3- rounds of .45 caliber hollow points. A Tritium front night sight allows the gun to track well in low light conditions.

The Smith & Wesson Governor has a bead blast matte stainless finish that provides an overall pleasing appearance, while the forged stainless steel cylinder provides longevity. The barrel features an elegantly sculpted full-length underlug that protects the ejector rod from being bent if the underside of the barrel were to violently strike against something, or even get dropped on the pavement.

An extremely smooth cylinder latch, combined with positive cartridge extraction, make reloading easy. In addition to being an excellent gun for self- defense, the Smith & Wesson Governor is ideal for hikers, backpackers, hunters, fisherman or anyone looking for a convenient firearm that will go just about anywhere. The design is light enough to pack on the hip all day.

Loaded with .410's, it is a camp shotgun to ward off snakes and other vermin. Loaded with Corbon 335- grain +P .45LC, it quickly delivers big bore power to protect against attacks from dangerous wild animal while out on the hiking trail.

Overall, the Smith & Wesson Governor is a rather large, but highly versatile and lightweight firearm capable of serving as an all purpose trails gun, a respectable self- defense handgun or even stepping up to being a powerful wheel gun capable of stopping dangerous game.
410 Gauge (2.5" Shells), 45- Long Colt & 45ACP (Via Moon Clips)
6- Shot Cylinder
Lightweight, Tough Scandium Alloy Frame
Cylinder: Stainless Steel
Barrel Length: 2-3/4"
Action: Traditional Double
Sights: Fixed U- Notch Rear
Weight: 29.6 oz
Grips: Hogue Soft Rubber w/ Finger Grooves
Warranty: Lifetime

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