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Smith & Wesson 586 Classic Series Blued 6" .357MAG
Smith & Wesson 586 Classic Series Blued 6" 6-Shot .357MAG 150908
Smith & Wesson 586 Classic Blued 6" .357MAG

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Low prices on the Smith & Wesson 586 Classic in .357 Magnum start at Champion Firearms:

A Classic Returns. The Smith & Wesson Model 586 Classic is a medium size stainless steel revolver capable of handling the hottest magnum ammo without tearing your arm off. It is a solid wheel gun that balances well in the hand.

A thick, full underlug barrel adds weight to the front of the gun, balancing it nicely, and also helps absorb recoil. Smith & Wesson first introduced the Model 586 back in 1981, but decided to discontinue most blued steel frame revolvers in 2006. The 586 has now returned in the "Classic Series", which even features the original style checkered walnut grips that made the company famous.

The gun is meaty, tipping the scales at 43.9 ounces unloaded. The six-round cylinder is fluted and the sights are exceptional. It has traditional style adjustable sights with a white outline rear and red ramp front. With the aid of a small flathead screwdriver, the rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation.

The 586 Classic is equally at home firing full power .357 Magnum, as it is reduced recoil .38 Special loads. The smooth organic contours make it a superb fighting gun.

It�s a bit heavy for concealed carry, but an ergonomic design combined with superior stopping power make it an excellent choice for either home defense or hunting. Since the L- frame 586 Classic is a mid- size Smith & Wesson revolver, it is capable of handling recoil well.

It has a transfer bar safety mounted on the frame. If you're unfamiliar with the function of a transfer bar, it is a thin strip of metal that rises once the trigger is squeezed, allowing the hammer's energy to be transferred to the firing pin and then on to the primer.

The invention of the transfer bar safety allowed revolvers to be carried with a full six rounds in the cylinder without the chance of the hammer being snagged and / or being dropped, then inadvertently fired. In addition, the gun is equipped with a built in key lock to disable the gun for safe storage.

For those that question the practicality of a revolver, keep in mind they don't jam- up, stovepipe, fail to feed or extract. Compared to semi-autos, revolvers are not only more reliable mechanically, but they are also more forgiving with operator error, and are much simpler to operate under stress.

With revolvers, there�s no chance of limp-wristing or creating a stoppage. There's no magazine to accidentally release and no slide movement to impair the action (if blocked, if ejected shells bounce back into the ejection port, etc.).

Loading and unloading are much easier, and accomplished by using gravity to drop rounds directly into the cylinder, versus the wrestling match new shooter's often experience attempting to push rounds into a magazine under spring tension. In addition, revolvers aren't picky about the types of ammo they fire.

When encountering misfires, rather than highly skilled clearance drills required to get a semi- auto back on line, revolvers only require that an operator squeeze the trigger again. More importantly, revolvers are capable of firing while remaining completely concealed.

Auto's require sufficient distance from objects like clothing to cycle properly. Yes, basic gun handling skills prevent some of the operator-induced mistakes that can cripple a semi-auto. However, these type of errors are practically non- existent on revolvers.

The Smith & Wesson Model 586 Classic has a deep blued finish that provides an overall pleasing appearance, while the solid forged stainless steel chassis ensures longevity. Shots can be fired in either a double action mode, or for greater precision, the hammer can be easily cocked back and fired using a crisp single action trigger pull.

The hammer is checkered on the top side, making cocking sure and foolproof. The double action mode is long, but the trigger remains smooth throughout.

When cocking the hammer for single action, the trigger pull is almost imperceptible. The 6- inch barrel features an elegantly sculpted full-length under lug that protects the ejector rod from being bent if the underside of the barrel were to violently strike against something, or even get dropped on the pavement.

An extremely smooth cylinder latch, combined with positive cartridge extraction, make reloading ridiculously easy. Overall, the Smith & Wesson Model 586 Classic has returned for the discerning shooter who prefers the handsome appearance of a blued revolver with traditional wood grips.
Full Underlug Barrel
Incredibly Smooth Action
Light, Crisp Trigger
Caliber: .357 Magnum / .38 Special+P
Cylinder Capacity: 6- Round
Finish: Deep Blued Carbon Steel
Barrel Length: 6" Full Underlug
Traditional Double Action
Sights: Adjsutable White Outline Rear, Red Ramp Front
Weight: 46.3 oz.
Grips: Signature Checkered Wood
Warranty: Lifetime

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