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Savage A17 Heavy Barrel Target Laminate Semi-Automatic 10+1 .17HMR
Savage A17 Heavy Barrel Target Laminate Semi-Automatic 10+1 .17HMR 47006
Savage A17 Heavy Barrel Target Laminate Semi-Automatic 10+1 .17HMR 47006

Savage A17 Heavy Barrel Target Laminate Semi-Automatic 10+1 .17HMR 47006
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The Definition of Accuracy. Savage Arms was founded in 1894 by Arthur Savage, who subsequently
introduced us to the world's first hammerless lever action rifle. It was a design that Savage had originally engineered for Colt, but in 1892 failed to win out as the U.S. military's next infantry rifle, which had instead been awarded to the short lived Krag-Jorgensen rifle.

With refinements to the design, the Savage hammerless lever would soon evolve into the venerable Model 99-- one of the most celebrated and successful hunting rifles in history, enjoying a production run of over a century. Several years later, Savage would also be a contender for another big military contract as the company was named one of the top two finalists in the U.S. Army trials for a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun. In the end, Savage lost out, this time ironically to his former employer Colt, and pistol designed by John Moses Browning-- the M1911.

In 1920, Savage purchased the J. Stevens Company, which was associated with famous barrel maker Harry Pope. This would lay the foundation for the company's excellent reputation for building extremely accurate rifles.

Pope's barrels were legendary for their performance on the target range, as it was understood that if you wanted to win competitions, his barrels were the ones to beat. Over the next several decades, the company grew to the largest firearms company in the free world, went to war in the 1940s-- becoming the largest single source supplier of Enfield rifles to the British Empire-- only to fall on hard times and eventually declare bankruptcy in the late 1980s.

In 1995, the company returned to prominence as private ownership and guidance from Smith & Wesson's former Director of Engineering-- now company Chairman / CEO Ron Coburn-- lead Savage to re-establish itself as one of the most technologically innovative and advanced rifle company's in the modern era.

At the heart of the A17 is a delayed blowback action. It is being touted as the first commercially successful and viable semi- automatic magnum rimfire rifle to ever hit the market. In the past, many company's have tried and failed, including Ruger with the 10/22 magnum and Remington's 597.

The question often asked is, "why is it so difficult to engineer a semi-auto magnum rimfire?". The secret is delayed blowback. Straight blowback, which is used in .22LR semi-auto's, allows the bolt to open too quickly when it comes to the much hotter rimfire magnum cartridges.

Savage's interrupter lug slows the opening of the bolt just enough to allow the pressure in the barrel to dissipate so the empty casing can be reliably extracted. An oversized polymer bolt handle offers a large surface area to grab when loading the rifle.

The magazine is a 10- round rotary design, which for over 50- years has been the industry standard when reliably feeding rimfire cartridges. Savage has equipped the A17 with a highly precise 22" button rifled, heavy barrel. It uses the famous locknut system which made the company famous, which makes for fast and accurate headpspacing when the guns are assembled..

One of the best features found anywhere is the simple yet ingenious Savage AccuTrigger system. For the the vast majority of shooters, a lighter trigger pull equates to greater accuracy. The pull weight of this rifle is user adjustable from 1.5 to 6 pounds without the fear of it going off if dropped or bumped.

At the center of the AccuTrigger mechanism lies the AccuRelease, which is a thin blade that rides within the main trigger to prevent the sear from releasing unless held all the way rearward. It only requires a pound of pressure to move the AccuRelease to the rear, where the finger then engages the trigger. The pull weight can be adjusted with a tool provided with the rifle.

A laminate wood stock has pistol grip and forend texturing for improved handling and control. The case hardened receiver and hard chrome bolt are engineered for many years of reliable service firing higher pressure magnum loads. For reliability, the rifle is equipped with a dual control round feed system.

Rather than piston driven, the Savage A17 basic design is somewhat reminiscent of an AK-47 rifle. The rear dust cover is removed by depressing a rear button and simply hinges off revealing the return spring. Similar to the AK-47, removal of the return spring allows the bolt to be removed for easy cleaning and servicing.

The rifle weighs in at 6.2 pounds unloaded, has a safety conveniently located just forward of the trigger and wears no iron sights. However, the receiver is is drilled and tapped, plus includes a set of Weaver scope bases. For service and repair, the A17 is backed by a 1- year warranty. Overall, Savage Arms has enjoyed a well deserved reputation for building accurate, innovative rifles and the A17 will provide years of reliable varmint hunting enjoyment.
One of the Only Semi-Automatic Magnum Rimfire Rifles in Production

Delayed Blowback Action

Hard Chrome Bolt

Deep Blued Metal Finish
Laminate wood stock
AccuTrigger: Crisp, Clean, Creep Free & User Adjustable from 1.5 to 6lbs
No Sights: Includes Weaver Scope Bases
22" Heavy Button Rifled Barrel
10- Round Detachable Rotary Magazine
Trigger Guard Mounted Button Safety
Caliber: .17HMR
Weight: 6.2 lbs.
Warranty: 1- Year Limited

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