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Sako 85 Classic Blued Select Walnut 22.5" .30-06
Sako 85 Classic JRSCL20 Blued Select Walnut 22.5" Barrel .30-06
Sako 85 Classic Blued Select Walnut 22.5" .30-06 (JRSCL20)

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Bolt Action Rifle Perfection. The Sako 85 Classic is the definition of Finnish rifle perfection
. It comes with a nicely figured oil finished, straight walnut stock optimized for excellent balance, guarantying excellent posture for fast and accurate shooting. A rosewood forend tip and pistol grip cap enhance the rifle's classical appearance. Fine checkering on the forend and pistol grip provide an excellent grip without biting into the hand, while also adding elegance to the rifle's overall aesthetics. A heavy duty extended recoil lug is fastened inside the forend. The stock's right-hand palm swell is a feature rarely found on production rifles, and is a nice touch enabling the shooter to grip the gun more naturally. The recoil pad is thin, but dense, and mounts to the shoulder pocket remarkably well. A non-glare matte blued finish is professionally done.

Plain and simple, the Sako 85 Classic is custom build quality at a production price-- well below what a master gun maker would normally charge for comparable hand crafted results. It's built to exacting standards and is backed by a sub- M.O.A. (5- shot group) accuracy guaranty at 100- yards. There's an expression among bolt action rifle shooters that something is not just smooth, it's Sako smooth. The company set the standard by which all other rifles are judged, which is certainly the case for Sako's exceptionally smooth bolt travel. In the event of a case rupture, the Model 85 Classic includes a bolt shroud to protect the shooter. The rifle also possesses a red cocking indicator just below the shroud.

Sako is the national rifle manufacturer for the country of Finland,
with a long tradition of producing supremely accurate, high quality military and hunting arms since 1919-- just shortly after that nation declared independence from the Russian Empire. The rifle features a free-floating barrel whose blank is drilled, honed, cold hammer forged, finished and finally individually inspected by the some of the most skilled rifle technicians in the world. Measuring 22.5" long, the barrel is the optimal length for extended carry and rapid deployment from a vehicle or blind, while still capable of delivering terminal ballistic performance throughout all standard hunting distances.

At the heart of the design is Sako's famous claw extractor system. Constructed out of a special, durable heat treated steel, it has a longer, wider hook that gives a more positive bite on the case rim. Many experts consider this feature to be essential for consistent, reliable extraction on a "push feed" action. Although Sako advertises the Model 85 Classic as a "controlled round feed" rifle, which is only partially accurate, the gun lacks a Mauser full length extractor and technically functions as more of a semi-push feed. A true control round feed bolt locks onto a cartridge immediately upon clearing the magazine, guiding it into the chamber.

The Sako 85 Classic pushes the cartridge forward out of the magazine and does not actually grip the case rim until 3/4's of the way through the bolt stroke. However, a true push feed design such as the Remington 700 does not even lock onto the cartridge until the bolt is closed, where the extractor snaps over the case rim. While the overwhelming majority of a claims that push feed's allegedly have problems "short-stroking" and "double-feeding" have been largely exaggerated by the control round feed fanboys of this world, the Sako hybrid action nevertheless continues to rank highly as a serious dangerous game rifle that offers the best of both worlds. The good news is the Sako bolt also permits a cartridge to be dropped directly into the chamber. True control round feed rifles such as the Ruger M77 Hawkeye, Winchester "Pre-'64" Model 70 and all Kimbers should strictly be fed from the magazine to avoid potential extractor damage.

The three lug bolt of a Model 85 provides vault like strength and a tight lock-up. Long before the current trigger revolution began, Sako rifles have always enjoyed a solid reputation for breaking cleanly and smoothly-- and the Model 85 is no exception. Best of all, it's user adjustable from 2-to-4 pounds. An extremely durable all steel guard protects the trigger. The rifle is equipped with a solid stainless steel staggered box magazine that has a unique mechanism that locks the magazine securely in place, ensuring that it will not be accidentally fall out. Referred to as a "Total Control Latch", this system ensures that, while on the hunt of a lifetime, you're not going to get stranded with a single shot rifle. To release the magazine, simply push it upwards, while simultaneously depressing the release lever. Into addition to loading and unloading from a detachable box magazine, the rifle can also be loaded from the top.

Sako uses 6- different action sizes that are designed to function optimally for various cartridges in a system referred to as a "Caliber Specific Action". In the case of the Model 85 chambered in .30-06, the company considers it a medium action. The special "Sako Safety System" consists of a 2-way lever that securely locks both the bolt and trigger. A unique bolt release button allows the shooter to load or remove a cartridge from the chamber with the safety still engaged. An integral tapered scope rail mount rides on top of the receiver, providing a rock solid mounting platform for rings and optics (not included). Unloaded, the rifle weighs in at 7.25 pounds and has a 5+1 magazine capacity. For service and repair, it's backed by a 2- year warranty. Overall, the Sako 85 Classic is a work of art that provides a solid, accurate and dependable hunting platform for decades of reliable service.
Matte Blued Metal Finish
Select High Grade Walnut Stock
Adjustable Trigger: User Friendly Design-- from 2 to 4 lbs
No Sights: Ingenious Scope Base System Consists of Parallel Groove Legs for Sako Proprietary Rings
22.5" Hammer Forged Standard Contour 1-in-11 Twist Barrel
Low Profile Detachable 5- Round Box Magazine
Stiff: Free Floating Barrel
Caliber: .30-06
Weight: 7-1/4 lbs.
Warranty: 2- Year

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