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Ruger LCRx (Spurred Hammer) 3" .22MAG
Ruger LCRX 3" Barrel 6-Shot Cylinder .22MAG 5437
Ruger LCRx 3" Barrel .22MAG (5437)

Ruger LCRx 3" Barrel .22MAG (5437)
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Best Snubbie Ever?
Sturm, Ruger and Company was founded in 1949 by business partners Alexander ("Alex") McCormick Sturm and William ("Bill") Batterman Ruger. Prior to the partnership, Bill Ruger had previously designed machine guns for the U.S. military during World War II and afterwards, successfully duplicated two Japanese Baby Nambu pistols in his garage based on samples acquired from a Marine.

It would serve as the basis for launching the company when Ruger ingeniously combined the looks of a German 9mm Luger with rimfire engineering from the Colt Woodsman and the operating mechanism of the Nambu. Bill Ruger and Alex Sturm rented a small machine shop in Southport, Connecticut and immediately introduced the world to the greatest rimfire pistol in history-- the legendary MK-I, which still continues to this day in its third generation.

Alex Sturm was married to the granddaughter of President Teddy Roosevelt, was a Yale graduate, a talented artist and business entrepreneur that supplied the capital investment to start the fledgling company. In addition, he personally designed the famous Germanic heraldic red eagle that still serves as Ruger's company logo.

Bill Ruger supplied the business acumen plus technical-know-how as a skilled gunsmith and celebrated inventor. Tragically in 1951, Alex Sturm fell seriously ill and died at the age of 28 just as the company was beginning to gain traction.

After Sturm's passing, Bill Ruger mourned the loss of his old friend and business partner by permanently changing the company's distinctive red eagle logo to solid black (or white, shrouded in black), where it remains to this day in remembrance. Bill Ruger would go on to lead the company to world prominence, becoming the largest manufacturer of firearms in the United States.

A pioneering legend in American industry until his death in 2002, Ruger had a hand in the design and styling of every single gun the company produced while under his direction. To date, Sturm Ruger has manufactured more than 30-million firearms, while also becoming a leading supplier of precision investment castings in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive and even golf clubs.

What really sets the Ruger LCRx (which stands for Lightweight Compact Revolver) apart from the rest of the field is a convergence of three major technological breakthroughs-- a lightweight design, low recoil and excellent trigger pull. At just 15.7 ounces, this is one of the lightest medium bore revolvers on the market.

By itself, this feature is not all that impressive as there are several other "Airweight" style revolvers in its class. What makes the LCRx so special is the inclusion of a polymer fire control housing that not only reduces weight, but significantly reduces recoil and allows Ruger to deliver an ultra smooth trigger pull.

In fact, this was the first polymer frame revolver in history. Packed with the latest advances and features required by today's demanding shooters, the Ruger LCRx is an eight shot .22MAG with a 3" barrel, a spurred hammer and operates in traditional double action.

The Ruger LCRx consists of three major modular sub-components-- an upper cylinder to frame barrel assembly, a lower frame to fire control housing assembly and cylinder to crane assembly. Constructed from a 7000 series aluminum forging, the cylinder to frame barrel assembly has a 1714 stainless steel barrel sleeve that is threaded into the barrel shroud.

A soft recoil absorbing Hogue rubber grip has channeled finger grooves which greatly improve control and maneuverability while firing. Ruger's patented friction reducing cam provides an ultra smooth trigger pull compared to other snub-nose designs. All metal components are finished in an extremely durable, corrosion resistant IonBond Diamond Black coating.

While Ruger does not provide a written warranty, the company has always promptly, professionally and courteously repaired the extremely limited number of malfunctioning firearms we've sent them. In our humble opinion, they have a better warranty and service track record than many manufacturer's offering the so-called "limited lifetime" policy (which by the way, is not your lifetime, but what that particular manufacturer perceives to be the life of the gun). Overall, the Ruger LCRx is a versatile, handy and extremely reliable compact revolver designed to save your life in an emergency.
Polymer Fire Control Housing-holds all fire control components in their proper dimensional relationships, significantly reduces overall weight & felt recoil
Friction Reducing Cam- is a next generation design in fire control systems with an optimized cam that results in a smooth, non- stacking trigger pull
Monolithic Frame- which supports the barrel & cylinder is made from aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum
High Strength Stainless Steel Cylinder- is extensively fluted (reducing weight) and treated with Ruger's proprietary "Target Grey" finish for excellent durability
Grip Peg- small frame configuration which allows for a diverse assortment of grips, including recoil absorbing Hogue rubber "Tamer" or Crimson Trace Lasergrips
Soft Case Included
Caliber: .22MAG
Cylinder Capacity: 6- Rounds
Cylinder Finish: Blued
Barrel Length: 3"
Sights: Fixed U- notch Integral Rear / Replaceable Pinned Front
Weight: 15.7 ozs.
Frame Construction: Strong, Lightweight Polymer
Grips: Hogue "Tamer" Rubber
Action: Double Only
Warranty:"The Magnuson-Moss Act (Public Law 93-637) does not require any seller or manufacturer of a consumer product to give a written warranty. It does provide that if a written warranty is given, it must be designated as "limited" or as "full" and sets minimum standards for a full warranty. Sturm,Ruger & Company, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either "limited" or "full, rather than to attempt to comply with the provisions of the Magnuson - Moss Act and the regulation issued thereunder."

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