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Rossi M92 20" Stainless .44Magnum
Rossi M92 20" Stainless in .44 Magnum 920442093
Rossi M92 20" Stainless .44Magnum

Rossi M92 20" Stainless .44Magnum (920442093)
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"The Gun that Won the West". The Rossi M92 is a reproduction of the famous Winchester Model 92 rifle, commonly referred to as "the gun that won the West". Of course, the model number is based on the year that the gun was released, so the rifle first debuted back in 1892. At that point in time, the Model 92 represented a huge leap forward in firearms engineering and technology.

It had a much stronger action than its predecessor the Model 1873,
it was lighter to carry and lasted longer under harsher working conditions. The rifle featured a very simple mechanism that could be easily repaired, usually by its owner.

Not many rifles today can boast of having well over one million units sold. As a result, the Model 92 has become one of the most beloved and iconic rifles in American history. Who could ever forget heroes like Clint Eastwood in shows like Rawhide, Chuck Connors in The Rifleman or John Wayne (in almost every Western he ever made) using a Model 92 to dispatch outlaws.

Not only was this lever action rifle the gun of choice during the golden age of Western TV shows, it also maintained a prominent role in home protection and putting meat on the table, while maintaining a special place among owners as the family heirloom that had been handed down from one generation to the next.

The Model 92 is very similar in construction to the Winchester Model 1886 and represents the compact "carbine" version of this famous design. Many of its components were scaled down and simplified to handle smaller calibers compatible with the six shooter handguns of the day.

As a result, owners benefited from having one type of ammunition work in both guns, rather than trying to keep track of multiple cartridges. Among users, the 92 was much preferred over the handgun because it carried more firepower, hit harder and was easier to deliver aimed fire.

The handgun was of course more convenient to carry around on the hip, but the Model 92 became famous for its light weight, low recoil and responsive handling. Invented by John Browning for Winchester, the Model 92's were eventually phased out by 1945.

Today, the legacy continues as a limited number of Model 92 rifles are still being recreated at companies around the world such as Moroku in Japan (produced for Winchester). But for the past several decades, the major player on the U.S. market has been the Brazilian firm Rossi, which is now owned by fellow countrymen Taurus.

Founded in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi, the South American gun manufacturer did not begin exporting M92 rifles until the early 1970's. The fact that this outstanding rifle quickly became the dominant fixture among Cowboy Action Shooters everywhere is a testament to the design.

At the heart of the Rossi M92 is a dual vertical locking system that gives the rifle its impressive strength. A satin stainless steel finish is professionally done and consistent throughout the entire rifle. Its smooth, non-checkered, straight Brazilian hardwood buttstock and rounded forend may be a little plain, but still maintains the rifle's authentic styling and appearance.

The Rossi M92's short lever throw is reasonably smooth throughout the loading process. Like any lever gun, it is designed to be cycled deliberately with an aggressive stroke, rather than loaded gently and slowly. Such pampering can often initiate failure to feed issues and other loading problems, even with the highest quality ammunition.

Trigger quality is outstanding and rivals that of many entry level bolt action guns. It has a short trigger pull that remains smooth and crisp before breaking. Of equal importance, it breaks consistently somewhere around the four pound mark with only a modest amount of overtravel.

An investment cast action is strong and will provide many years of reliable service. While machining is precise, the fit is tight and all parts are assembled correctly, other attributes have frequently led Rossi owners to upgrade and customize their M92s.

Since it is often the dominant rifle among Cowboy Action shooters at SASS competitions, the factory springs are usually replaced along with an action job being performed. The rifle has a hinged loading gate located on the right side of the receiver.

For the uninitiated, this door has a gentle closure spring, but the edges are squared and can wear on the thumb when engaged in activities such as high volume shooting. Therefore, chamferring the edges is another procedure frequently performed. Admittedly, however, the M92 chambered in .44 Magnum has primarily been the favorite of hog hunters, many of whom maintain their original stock factory configuration without customization.

The Rossi Model 92 now has one feature that the original Winchester never had--a manual safety. It has an L-shaped design that sits atop the bolt and can only be operated when the hammer is at its lowered half-cock position, but not when the hammer is fully cocked or lowered down onto the firing pin.

Although loathed by some, while providing peace of mind to many others, the safety can be removed and filled-in, or simply replaced with an aperture style sight. For liability purposes, it is important to disclaim that such work should be performed by a qualified gunsmith and will void any factory warranty (see Steve Young, stevesgunz.com).

The 20" round contour, button rifled barrel is inherently accurate and wears a set of front and rear adjustable sights. The front gold bead post is drift adjustable for windage, where the rear buckhorn leaf is sliding adjustable for elevation.

Loading is accomplished via a tubular fed magazine that rides securely underneath the barrel and holds an impressive 10+1 rounds of ultra-potent, hog busting .44 Magnum ammunition. Due to potential feeding issues with shorter ammunition, the manufacturer does not advertise the M92 as being rated for reduced power .44 Special loads, yet many shooters nevertheless report reliable feeding with this cartridge.

Weighing in at a mere 5-pounds unloaded, the M92 is an amazingly agile and responsive rifle. For service and repairs, it is backed by a 1- year warranty from the manufacturer. Overall, the Rossi M92 is a powerful, handy and classic rifle design that is just plain fun to shoot.
Metal Composition: Stainless Steel
Receiver Construction: Investment Cast
Trigger: Non- Adjustable Single Stage (4lbs.)
Iron Sights: Milled Front Post w/ Adjustable Buckhorn rear
20" Button Rifled Barrel
Stock: Brazilian Hardwood w/ Authentic Curved Metal Buttplate
Capacity: 10+1 Round Tube Fed Magazine
Manual Bolt Mounted Hammer Block Safety
Caliber: .44Magnum
Weight: 5 lbs.
Warranty: 1- Year

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