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North American Arms Black Widow Conversion .22LR+.22Mag
North American Arms Black Widow *COMBO 22LR + 22Mag 2"
North American Arms Black Widow Conversion .22LR+.22Mag (BWC)

North American Arms Black Widow Conversion .22LR+.22Mag (BWC)
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Low prices on the North American Arms Black Widow Conversion in .22LR & .22 Magnum start at Champion Firearms:

Maintaining Rule #1. When most folks see the North American Arms Black Widow for the first time, the typical reaction is a smile followed by asking if the gun is even real. Next, they question its effectiveness in self-defense situations, followed by a state of shock upon discovering this little pocket Hercules is one of the most popular handguns on the market.

The rationale is simple-- it maintains the #1 rule in a gun fight, which is to actually have a gun. After all, the best gun in the world is the one that will be with you when needed. And the North American Arms Black Widow maintains rule #1 much more effectively than just about any other firearm available today.

When the moment of truth arrives, the fact remains that the even the most powerful pistol will do you absolutely no good sitting at home in your gun safe. While many handguns are either too big or too heavy to carry, the Mini Revolver is the basic go anywhere gun that easily drops into any vest, shorts, pants, shirt or jacket pocket.

For those who contend that a .22 caliber handgun possesses insufficient stopping power to instantly incapacitate a drug crazed killer, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who will disagree with that statement. Then again, few concealed carry handguns possess that ability, where the never ending "1- shot stop" myths and "stopping power" debates continue to rage on.

At the exact opposite end of the spectrum, proponents of a .22 self-defense handgun are quick to point out that this projectile tumbles and zig-zags when it hits soft tissue, and is therefore more legitimate that most are willing to acknowledge. In reality, the answer lies somewhere in between as shot placement and training will be the ultimate determining factor in any sidearm's ability to save one's life. There can be little doubt, that when given the choice, any rational shooter will likely opt for a high capacity .45 caliber pistol in a deadly encounter.

But what happens if carrying such a handgun is simply not an option? For many legally armed citizens in this country, size constraints play a huge role in choosing a firearm and carrying a concealed handgun. Even a sub-compact may not be feasible in your day-to-day life, and the ability to effectively hide a handgun presents many challenges-- where the North American Arms Black Widow indeed provides real world solutions.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, North American Arms is well know for producing high quality micro sized handguns. The Mini Revolver design was actually developed by Freedom Arms, one of the world's premier and most respected firearms manufacturer's. Freedom Arms later sold this design to North American Arms in 1990.

The precision fit and mechanical operation of the Black Widow is often favorably compared to fine Swiss clock work. It's a mechanical micro jewel through and through, which delivers reliable performance when and where you need it.

The North American Arms Black Widow is a "Conversion" Model, which means it includes both .22LR and .22 Magnum cylinders. For cheaper target shooting at the range, the .22LR cylinder interchanges in seconds with the magnum designated cylinder. It also includes an oversized set of grips that provide greater control when handling or firing.

The gun is a single action revolver reminiscent of the guns of the old west, only in miniature. Just like the cowboy action "six-shooter's" of the day, you'll be required to cock the hammer back each time to fire this pint sized "five-shooter".

It has a barrel length of 2" and weighs in at a feathery 8.8 ounces. The gun is constructed of highly corrosion resistant and extremely durable 17-4 pH stainless steel. This is the one of the most discreet, up close and personal handguns available anywhere.

In addition to comfortably slipping inside any pocket, it is the perfect backpack, hiking or camping handgun when weight, gear and space are at a premium. More importantly, the revolver is easy to use and safe to carry. The hammer need not rest on an empty chamber. Using the safety notches on the cylinder, the hammer rides safely and securely in between the rimmed cartridges without the risk of unintentional discharge.

For service or repair, the gun is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty policy. Overall, the North American Arms Black Widow may technically carry the firearms industry classification of a "mouse gun", but it is THE quintessential mouse gun engineered to reliably save your life in an emergency.
COMBO: Includes (2) Cylinders -- 22LR & 22Magnum
Oversized Black Rubber Grips
17-4 pH Stainless Steel
Hammer Safety Notches- each cylinder chamber is recessed so the primer rim is not exposed to impact
Note- when loaded, this revolver should always be carried on the Hammer Safety Notch...never on half- cock or hammer down on cartridge rim
Single Action
Quality Craftsmanship
Caliber(s): 22LR + 22Magnum
Cylinder Capacity: 5- Rounds
Grips: Oversized Rubber
Barrel: 2" Heavy Vent Rib
Action Type: Single
Sights: Low Profile Combat
Weight: 8.8 ozs.
Warranty: Lifetime

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