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Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 .223/5.56
Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 .223/5.56 31273
Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 .223/5.56 31273

Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 .223/5.56 31273
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The Ultimate Gas Impingement AR-15. Knight's Armament is well known for its excellent M110 sniper weapon system currently supplied to the United States military. Not so well known is the fact that this Titusville, Florida based manufacturer also produces the most technologically advanced AR-15 weapons system on the market.

More than 30- years ago, Reed Knight founded Knight's Armament as a research and development facility. From there, it quickly evolved into one of the truly premier small arms manufacturing operations in the world.

At the heart of the design is Knight's URX4 keymod handguard system. It was specifically designed to offer operators the most diverse number of accessory placement options available, and the SR-15 E3 CQB gets the 10.75" version.

To relieve pressure, contact or stress that might otherwise adversely affect barrel harmonics, the URX system is free- floating. Except at the point of receiver attachment, the barrel does not contact the rail system. As a result, accessories mounted to the URX cannot affect the barrel's accuracy potential.

A continuous top rail along with bottom and side rails offer a slimmer diameter for gripping, as well as a reduction in overall weight. The integrated hand stop panel was designed to accommodate an extended support grip commonly employed by tactical shooters and special operations. This method involves placing the support hand at the far end of the rail system with the index finger extended, while the other fingers remain wrapped around the rail system.

The Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 features a 11.5" chrome lined barrel, which is approximately twice as hard as standard 4150 CMV steel. Hammer forging increases durability and barrel life and is subsequently heat treated to relieve any stress induced during the process. A 1:7" barrel twist rate is optimized for heavy bullet weights up to 77 grain match, while still capable of stabilizing standard 55 grain ball ammo.

Shooters will find that this lightweight system offers a more than capable personal defense rifle, as well as providing a quick handling duty weapon for law enforcement. An advanced 2- stage match grade trigger breaks evenly and cleanly at 4.5- pounds.

The first stage is "no poundage" where hardly any resistance is felt during the rearward squeeze. It is the critical second stage that is meant to let the shooter know exactly where and when the weapon is going to fire, bolstering confidence, reducing trigger jerk and increasing accuracy.

To provide maximum operating flexibility, all primary controls are ambidextrous. A scalloped safety selector makes the rifle easier to use in conjunction with gloves. Increased tactical speed is achieved through a bolt release mounted on both sides. Likewise, left and right handed shooters will see an immediate benefit from the rifle's ambidextrous magazine release.

The E3 enhanced bolt on the Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 features a number of components engineered to make it the most durable and reliable system on the market. Specifically designed for the AR-15 platform, these features combine to greatly enhance the rifle's overall performance. An enlarged bolt face provides more positive engagement in the chamber and locking lugs, which are in turn rounded to help prevent chipping, cracking and snapping.

Shaped like a butterfly, the E3 extractor is a unique technological breakthrough that helps ensure extreme reliability. By shifting the pivot point forward to help balance the extractor and then apply constant pressure on the cartridge case, extraction failures have been practically reduced to zero.

As opposed to a standard AR-15 micro extractor spring, the Knight's Armament SR-15 utilizes two full size extractor springs as a failsafe in case one goes down. The E3 bolt is designed with a thinner cam pin and firing pin to allow for a thicker bolt web -- which is a common failure point on ordinary bolts.

Both the front and rear sight folds down to a low profile configuration. The rear is a large aperture type that is adjustable for elevation in increments of 100 to 600 meters. The front sight is a thin post with protective ears that can be adjusted for elevation.

The SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 comes equipped with a Lewis Machine & Tool collapsible SOPMOD buttstock that provides a solid mount for the shoulder pocket, with improved cheek weld for optics. Similarly, the rifle is equipped with an LMT forged charging handle and tactical latch for rapid loading.

The M16A2 checkered pistol grip provides positive handling. For improved insertion, the SR-15's magazine well is flared. Two push button sling swivel attachments are included, with ambidextrous holes that snap into the stock and at three separate points on each side of the upper and lower receivers. Secured by a locking ring instead of standard taper pins, the gas block increases barrel rigidity.

This is a direct gas impingement rifle that has many advantages over its gas piston counterparts. It weighs less, has fewer components, is configured to operate with most other impingement designs, has significantly less recoil impulse, has greater accuracy potential and places less stress on the bolt components.

The MOD2 gas system has a proprietary design that minimizes leakage and ensures consistent operation under harsh conditions. Overall, the Knight's Armament SR-15 E3 CQB MOD2 is the finest quality AR-15 rifle available on the market today.
Improved Multi- Lug E3 Bolt: Thicker & Stronger than Ordinary AR-15's
Improved URX 4 Handguard with Keymod Accessory Mounting Points
Ambidextrous Fire Control System: Includes Safety, Bolt Catch and Magazine Release
11.5" Barrel: Hammer Forged 1-in-7" Twist Chrome Lined
Match Grade: 2- Stage Trigger System
SOCOM Cheekpiece: Mounted on Adjustable Length Stock
Micro Adjustable: Folding Front & Rear Sights
Gloved: Finger Trigger Guard
Caliber: .223 / 5.56
Magazine: (1) 30- Round
Gas System: Direct Impengement
Weight: 6.1 lbs.
Warranty: 1- Year

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