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Franchi Affinity 3 26" Black 3" Shells 12GA
Franchi Affinity 3: 26" Black 2.75" & 3" Shells 12-Gauge 41030
Franchi Affinity 3 26" Black 12GA

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Built to the Highest Standards. Established in 1868, Franchi is a firearms manufacturer located in Brescia, Italy with a reputation for producing high quality shotguns.

The company would actually not become famous here in the United States until the release of the Franchi SPAS12 -- Hollywood's quintessential go to tactical shotgun with the distinctive hook stock -- as seen in the hands of a futuristic cyborg killing machine played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1984 thriller Terminator, or while on dinosaur busting duty in Steven Spielberg's 1993 Jurassic Park. Today, Franchi is owned by Beretta, but the Affinity series shotgun is manufactured and assembled in house by Benelli.

The Franchi Affinity is a lightweight shotgun with a hard anodized receiver that is finished in black matte. Positive checkering on the synthetic stock and forend provide and excellent grip, even in adverse weather conditions.

A thin pistol grip and large oval shaped trigger guard accommodate heavy gloves. The round safety button is placed behind the trigger. Sling attachments are integrated into the buttstock as well as a swivel stud that is found on the magazine cap. Both the bolt handle and bolt release are smooth and easily manipulated.

This workhorse of a shotgun borrows heavily from the time proven Benelli design. When Beretta acquired Franchi, they wanted a quality, reasonably priced shotgun for the mid market consumer.

Rather than confuse customers with a bunch of different Beretta or Benelli models, it was decided that the Franchi and Stoeger brands would be acquired to achieve this objective. In the case of Stoeger, the Model 3000 was designed for the entry level shooter and the Franchi would be the next step up -- a shotgun intended to bridge the gap between the 3000 and Benelli's M2 Field.

At the heart of the Franchi Affinity design is Benelli's Inertia Driven system. The operation is simple with only three primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt head. With a significantly reduced number of moving parts, the Inertia Driven shotgun is faster.

Due to the fact that it's not gas operated, it runs smoother and cleaner. Gas, smoke and burnt powder stay in the barrel where they belong, rather than being channeled into the action, as with gas driven systems.

In addition, because there are no additional moving parts to fail like gas rings, sleeves, cylinders, ports or rubber o-rings, Benelli shotguns are much more reliable. The shotgun is incredibly simple and lightweight, weighing in at only 6.4 pounds.

A rotating bolt head is attached to the main body of the bolt by means of a short, stiff spring. Vault- like, tight steel-to-steel lockup is achieved inside the barrel, and the lugs engage even tighter when the gun is fired. The bolt head, which is fitted into keyways of the barrel similar to that of a bolt action rifle, remains locked and stationary at the moment the gun is fired.

As the mass of the bolt body accelerates rapidly forward, the connecting spring subsequently becomes compressed. When it is fully tensioned, the bolt drives back, unlocking the bolt head and cycling the shotgun.

Franchi's 26- inch barrel is cold hammer forged and then chrome lined, which provides two major advantages. The first is to ensure the internal barrel dimensions remain perfectly concentric, providing greater precision and accuracy.

The second is to add strength for firing steel shot or magnum loads. The barrel is exceptionally well made and then stress relieved by a controlled cooling process, which slowly bring the steel forging temperatures down over a period of days to maximize barrel harmonics and performance.

This results in a superior design that delivers a thinner, more accurate shotgun. Three interchangeable, flush fit Beretta Mobilchokes are included with the package: IC, M & F.

Unlike the Benelli, which has its return spring in the buttstock, the Affinity has a return spring located in the forearm. Similarly, the Affinity's aluminum receiver is reinforced with steel to bring strength back on par with a Benelli.

When handling a Franchi, it quickly becomes apparent the Affinity is an econoline version of Benelli's M2 Inertia design. However, this much is certain -- while it may not quite share the same level of craftsmanship or attention to detail, the Affinity nevertheless is an amazingly tough and reliable shotgun. This is a testament to Benelli's Inertia engineering.

The Affinity is designed to run reliably with everything from light 2-3/4" loads all the way up to 3" magnum shells. A drop and cast stock shim kit allows the shooter to custom fit the gun to their personal dimensions.

Five shims are labeled Z, A, B, C and D, in descending order of drop (measured in mm). Cast is indicated by either an R for right or L for left. For right-hand cast, install the shim so the R faces outward; for left-hand cast, flip the shim so the L is showing.

The Intensity comes from the factory with the RB shim installed, which is a good starting point for the average right-hander shooter. The gun's raised rib is exceptionally thick and robust, where a red fiber optic bead front sight sits on top.

Chambered for 2-3/4" loads up to heavy 3" magnums, Franchi is backed by one of the best shotgun warranty's in the industry -- 7 years! Overall, the Franchi Affinity is tough, dependable, accurate and will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable hunting shotgun that's built to last.
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
26" Chrome Lined, Hammer Forged Barrel
Inertia Driven System (Officially Licensed Benelli Engineering)
3- Beretta Mobil Chokes: (IC, M & F) + Choke Wrench
Synthetic Stock & Forend
Trigger Assembly: Dependable & Easily Removed for Cleaning

Enlarged: Bolt Handle, Bolt Release, & Loading Port
Buttstock Shim Kit: Drop & Cast Adjustments for a Better Fit
Magazine Capacity: 4+1
Sights: Fiber Optic Front
Weight: 6.4lbs.
Finish: Black Matte
Gauge: 12
Warranty: 7- Year Limited

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