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Colt Government 1911 Series 70 Blued 5" Barrel .45ACP
Colt Series 70 Blued National Match Barrel O1911C
Colt Series 70 Blued National Match Barrel O1911C

Colt Series 70 Blued National Match Barrel O1911C
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A Classic Returns. The
story of the Colt Government Model 1911 pistol originates in the late 1890's. As a result of the U.S. military's search for a suitable autoloading replacement to the revolvers of the day, field trials were conducted, which then led to the purchase of some 1,000 German DVM Luger pistols chambered in 7.62 Mauser.

Needless to say, stopping power on the .30 caliber handgun proved underwhelming. As a result, DVM produced an enlarged version of the pistol chambered in 9mm and submitted 50- units to the Army for testing and evaluation.

Meanwhile, half a world away, brave American fighting men were dying in the jungles of the Philippines-- they were being brutally hacked to death by Moro guerrillas because their standard issue .38 revolvers proved ineffective at incapacitating these drug induced tribesman and their razor sharp machetes.

As a result, Army Colonel John T. Thompson, who was Chief of Small Arms at the U.S. Ordnance Department and future father of the famous submachine gun known by many names-- the "Tommy Gun", "Chopper", "Trench Broom" or "Chicago Typewriter"--specified that "the new pistol should not be less than .45 caliber".

Several manufacturers would submit entries for the 1911 contract, but in the end, the U.S. military would turn, as it often did, to the brilliant mind of John Moses Browning and the pistol he designed for Colt. During the trials, six thousand rounds had been fired from a single pistol. When the Colt began to get too hot, it was simply submerged in water to cool it off. While other manufacturers reported dozens of malfunctions, the Colt had none. The rest is history.

The Colt Series '70 is essentially a throwback to the original M1911. If you are not familiar with the difference between Series'70 and Series'80, the latter essentially has a passive firing pin safety where the former does not.

Many 1911 purists will not touch a Series '80 due to the slightly enhanced trigger performance that the Series '70 Colt provides. By the same token, many safety conscious individuals would not touch a Series '70 because 1911's with unsecured firing pins discharging when dropped due to inertia is not urban myth.

The evolution of the Colt Series '70 brought many new advancements to the table that were not even dreamed possible when the gun first debuted back in the the year 1970. At the heart of the design is a CNC machined forged blued steel frame, slide and slide stop.

The MKIV Series '70 Colt pistol series ran from 1970-1983. To commemorate the original design, authentic rollmarks have been embossed on the round top slide.

A slightly extended beavertail grip safety allows the shooter to get up higher on the bore axis, thus reducing felt recoil, while also minimizing the potential for slide bite. The Series '70 does not feature the enhanced under cut trigger guard like the XSE.

The thumb safety lever is single sided and slightly extended. Disengagement is smooth and easy.
The forged 5" stainless steel barrel is extremely accurate plus includes a polished and throated feed ramp to reliably swallow modern hollow point ammunition.

Rear slide serrations help facilitate a secure grasp for charging or unloading. When combined with the tuned ejector and extractor, empty casings fly out the the rear-right-- instead of into a shooter's face, head or hat.

A set of high profile Mil-Spec type sights are functional and acquire the target well. A set of checkered Rosewood grips provide a solid, steady grasp in the hand.

The short steel trigger and spurred hammer provide a classic look to the pistol. One 7- round magazine is included with the package. The pistol weighs in at 37.5 ounces unloaded.

For service or repair, the gun is backed by a manufacturers lifetime warranty. Overall, the Colt Series '70 harkens back to a simpler time and is the embodiment of a classic pistol design based on history's most beloved military sidearm.
Original Series 70 Rollmarks
Series 70 Firing System- patterned after original Colt 1911 pistol
Flat Mainspring Housing
Short Steel Trigger
Standard Grip Safety
Standard Thumb Safety
Spur Hammer
Caliber: 45ACP
Magazine Capacity: (1) 7- Round
Grips: Double Diamond Rosewood
Barrel: 5"
Action Type: Single
Sights: Fixed
Weight: 37.5 ozs.
Slide: Blued Steel
Frame: Blued Steel
Warranty: Lifetime

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