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CZ-USA SP-01 Phantom (w/ Decocker) 9mm
CZ SP-01: Phantom Night Sights 9mm (18+1) 91258
CZ SP-01 Phantom w/ Decocker 9mm (91258)

CZ SP-01 Phantom w/ Decocker 9mm (91258)
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The Legacy Continues...
The CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom is a polymer framed variant of the popular SP-01 Tactical.

The SP-01 Phantom holds a lot of ammo, 18 rounds in a magazine (three times the magazine capacity of a typical revolver), has modest recoil and a long sight radius.
One of the pleasures of shooting a 9mm as hefty as the SP-01 Phantom is controllability and a lack of recoil.

True, it�s a lot of gun for a 9mm�a fact that works for it if you�re shooting and against it if you�re carrying it concealed. The SP-01 Tactical shares the attributes of the compact P-01 � light rail, improved grip � with a feature of its own � namely, an extended beavertail.

CNC machining and skilled personnel ensure the highest quality standards at CZ. The SP-01 Phantom features a 4.6" hammer forged barrel. Its tight tolerances and low felt recoil are due in part to an ingenious internal slide rail design that maximizes reliability, while also reducing the chance dirt or fouling will impede the pistols dynamic function.

While every other pistol design in the world uses external rails, the SP-01 Phantom's unmistakably internal rail design lowers the pistols center of gravity for low recoil and also provides a very small profile slide with unmatched reliability in the world of modern handgunning.

New gun buyers are often hooked the second they lay hands on the SP-01 Phantom . Its superior design ergonomics are due to a curved frame made to fit the human hand. Unlike many high capacity frames that often feel like a brick or a 2"x4" awkwardly sitting in your hand, the SP-01 Tactical feels like a natural extension
of the palm and fingers.

More importantly, the tang extends over the web of the hand, protecting it from hammer or slide bite. While there are many impressive features on the CZ SP-01 Phantom , perhaps none more so that its butter smooth double action trigger pull.

Many traditional double action pistols share the its crisp single action pull, but the double action trigger found on every CZ SP-01 Phantom pistol is truly in a league of its own. Unlike the standard SP-01 with an ambi thumb safety, the Tactical model features a decocking lever.

The CZ SP-01 Phantom uses the Browning short-recoil tilting breech design, with a kidney-shaped slot below the barrel through which the slide latch pin passes. The barrel has multiple lugs atop to engage recesses milled into the slide.

The lock-up is very tight, with little if any discernible play between the slide, barrel, and frame. Reliability is paramount in a fighting pistol, and the design has a remarkable track record for flawless performance. It is also one of the most durable pistol series in existence. The CZ SP-01 Tactical incorporates a firing pin block, to prevent firing if the weapon is dropped onto its muzzle.

The firing pin cannot move unless the trigger is pulled. The SP-01 Tactical also has a flat-front trigger guard that is laterally serrated for the placement of the forefinger of the support hand. Positive traction is accomplished though a set of checkered rubber grips

For service and repair, the pistol is backed by a manufacturers 5- year warranty on all mechanical components, where the finish covered for 1- year. Overall, the CZ SP-01 Phantom is based on one of the greatest pistol designs in history and will provide years of reliable service as a self-defense handgun.
Tritium Night Sights
Integral Accessory Rail
Slide-in-Frame Design- for better recoil control
Extremely Smooth Traditional Double Action Trigger
Ergonomic Grip & Controls
Extended Service Life- due to advanced design & superior materials
Hammer Forged Barrel
Firing Pin Block Safety
Frame Mounted: Decocking Lever
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: (2) 18- Round
Barrel: 4.7"
Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Slide: Carbon Steel w/ Black Polycoat Finish
Frame: Black Polymer w/ Interchangeable Back Straps
Warranty: 1- year on wood grips or surface treatment, 5- years on parts

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