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Beretta 92FS Bruniton 9mm (US Manufactured)
Beretta 92FS Bruniton 9mm (US Made) J92F300M
Beretta 92FS Bruniton 9mm (US Made) J92F300M

Beretta 92FS Bruniton 9mm (US Made) J92F300M
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America's Service Pistol. Adopted in 1985 as the U.S. combined armed forces official duty sidearm, the M9 Pistol can trace it's origins back to the Italian Beretta Model 1951 "Brigadier". This was an all steel, single action, single stack pistol. Then in 1976, Beretta released a double action, double stack updated version designated the Model 92.

Unlike its steel framed ancestor, the modern day M9 is equipped with an advanced lightweight aluminum alloy frame that wraps around a high capacity 15- round magazine. Like most high performance Italian designs, the pistol features unmistakeably elegant and stylish architecture. More importantly, the Beretta M9 Commercial feels like it was engineered to be a natural extension of the human hand.

Regardless of which name it goes by, whether under it's military or civilian banner, the basic design principle remains the same. The Beretta M9 is a full-size service pistol with a 4.9- inch chrome lined barrel whose primary purpose is to reduce wear and protect it from corrosion.

Though subtle, the primary differences between the 92FS and M9 are the latter is equipped with 2- dot sights (vs. 3- dot on 92FS), has a non-radiused dust cover + backstrap (see pictures above) and the M9 lacks the slide warning inscription to read
the owner's manual.

At the heart of the design is an open top slide that ensures smooth feeding, reliable ejection and allows for the easy clearance of obstructions. It also provides the advantage of further weight reduction.

Unlike the typical Browning tilt system, which locks-up either through barrel lugs or the barrel's hood, the Beretta 92fS utilizes a floating wedge locking block borrowed from the famous German Walther P38 military pistol. This technological breakthrough paved the way for the elimination of an enclosed slide.

Even though its open top construction has a slightly wider slide profile to accommodate dual locking lugs, it also means that the Beretta M9 has the widest ejection port possible. This makes it far easier for spent cases to successfully eject, and for the operator to clear any obstructions.

In addition, the shooter can more easily identify malfunctions, or safely perform "press checks" to confirm the pistol's ready status. Of lesser importance, an exposed barrel leads to more rapid cooling.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to an open top design is reduced muzzle climb, while also practically eliminating malfunctions due to "stove-piping". The horizontal movement of the Beretta barrel and the fact that it doesn't use a Browning tilt system (as is the case for almost every other pistol design), the M9's in-line barrel travel feels smoother while minimizing felt recoil.

In fact, everything about the pistol is incredibly smooth. The slide stop releases with minimal pressure. When loading or unloading, one the first thing that a shooter will immediately notice is a butter smooth slide. Even the magazines appear to load much smoother.

On the down side, the trigger is far from being smooth as it actually feels fairly stiff while firing in double action mode. For some, the heavy DA trigger pull is a deal breaker, yet for others, the margin of safety that it provides seals the deal-- so it's really about personal preference and a owner's intended use of the handgun.

When one stops to consider that the Beretta M9 was originally designed as a military and police pistol, you start to appreciate the liability concerns and necessity for a trigger whose first shot is deliberate and intentional. After the initial first shot, however, the pistol resets to a very smooth and lightweight trigger pull.

The 92FS features a deeply recessed combat muzzle crown which protects the rifling and accuracy. In U.S. military field trials, the pistol has repeatedly exceeded the governments requirement for firing a 10- shot group at 3- inches or less from 50- meters. Beretta boasts that the pistol demonstrates "match grade accuracy out of the box".

While this claim may be a bit of a stretch, it is fair to say the gun is capable of extreme accuracy through diligence, practice and training. Nevertheless, the company understands that precision tolerances keep shooting performances consistent-- shot after shot.

Bruniton is Beretta's trade name to denote that it has a Mil-Spec finish. This is a proprietary Teflon over Parkerizing that provides superior lubricity, corrosion and wear resistance over blued finishes. The pistol has a slide mounted safety, which also doubles as its decocking lever.

Contained within the slide is an ingenious two-stage firing pin system. The rotating safety lever is home to the primary firing pin, which requires the inertia of a hammer strike to transfer through to the second firing pin located inside the slide housing, which then ultimately discharges the weapon.

When the safety lever is turned down, not only does it throw up a mechanical firing pin block in the path of the hammer, but makes it literally impossible to negligently discharge the handgun due to the simple fact the primary firing pin is now turned away from the hammer. The pistol's large and powerful extractor is home to a highly functional loaded chamber indicator.

When a round has been chambered, the extractor bulges out to reveal a red witness mark signifying the gun is gassed-up and ready to go. The pistol wears a set a visible 2- dot sights that has a single half-moon rear that when paired with the front dot, get on target well. To help prevent slide bite, the frame is equipped with an upswept beavertail that also helps provide greater control when firing.

A checkered plastic grip provides increases weapon retention and shooting control under repeated fire. Two fifteen round magazines are provided with the package.

For repair, the pistol is backed by a "2+1" year policy-- which means that if you just complete and submit the service agreement card as requested, there will be a 3- year warranty. Overall, the Beretta M9 is one of the most visually appealing, classically engineered self- defense pistols on the market built to provide years of reliable service.
Beretta 92FS- Made in the U.S.A.
Traditional Double Action
Bruniton Finish: Mil-Spec coating that is non- reflective, corrosion & wear resistant
Machined Steel Slide
Aircraft Grade: Lightweight Forged Aluminum Alloy Frame
Ambidextrous Safety Lever + Decocker
5" Chrome Lined Barrel: Provides Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Recessed Muzzle Crown: Protects Rifling
Open Top Slide: Helps to Prevent Jams and Stove Piping
(2) 15- Round Magazines
Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 33.3 ozs.
Warranty: "1+2" Year Policy (3- Year Warranty, Provided Card is Completed & Submitted within 30- Days of Purchase...Otherwise Only 1- Year Warranty)

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