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Benelli Nova Field 26" Max-7 Camo 3.5" Shells 12GA
Benelli Nova Field: 26" Max-7 Camo 3.5"Shells 12-Gauge 20065
Benelli Nova Field 26" Max-7 Camo 12GA (20065)

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Unsurpassed Strength & Reliability. Benelli is an Italian firearms manufacturer located in Urbino, Italy and is world famous for producing high quality hunting, military and law enforcement shotguns. At the heart of the Benelli Nova is completely unique and innovative technology that incorporates a lightweight internal steel receiver with an overmolded polymer frame and buttstock-- yielding a single unit with unsurpassed strength and reliability.

Due to its polymer coated receiver and stock, along with proprietary coatings on the action and barrel, the Benelli Nova is considered impervious to the elements. Molded with a rounded contour that slightly swells near the back of the receiver, the polymer shell resists the corrosion, dents and scratches that have a habit of leaving their mark on hardworking pump guns.

This makes the design second to none and
one of the most versatile pump action shotguns ever made. In fact, the Benelli Nova is the first pump designed from the ground up as a true 3.5" magnum. The others once started out as 2.75" shotguns that were later scaled up to accept 3" shells, and then finally converted to 3.5" shells-- exposing major design weaknesses in the transition to the more powerful cartridges.

Italian styling and high-tech ergonomics not only give the gun a pleasing appearance, but make it a delight to shoulder and fire.
Distinctive grooves on the pistol grip and forend-- in place of conventional checkering-- provide a positive grip surface that complements the innovative features of the Benelli Nova.

The bolt rides smoothly on dual action bars that prevent the forearm from excessively wobbling or binding.
These incredibly long action bars allow the shotgun to reliably feed 3.5" magnums all the way down to 2.75" shells, while also providing an extended contour forend that successfully accommodates a wide range of arm lengths and hand sizes.

The Benelli Nova has a fast cycling pump, especially when chambering magnum shells, plays no small part in rapidly hitting targets with second and third shots.
Rotary locking lugs provide vault- like, tight steel-to-steel lockup by engaging recesses inside the barrel extension, while the receiver remains relatively unstressed as the gun is fired.

The 26" hammer-forged barrel is exceptionally well made and has a high quality Fleurs de Lys proofed steel that is then chrome lined, which provides two major advantages. The first is to ensure that the internal barrel dimensions are perfectly concentric, which greatly enhances accuracy. The second is to add strength for handling steel shot and magnum loads.

The chrome-lined barrel is then proof-tested to a pressure of 19,571 psi. This is 40% greater than the maximum pressure of 3.5" magnum shotshells, so it provides an ample margin of safety. Three interchangeable flush fit chokes are also included with the package-- IC, M and F. The Nova tips the scales at 8.0 pounds unloaded, and has a non- interchangeable buttstock.

A shell stop button located underneath the forend provides the shooter with a high degree of versatility. In situations where a hunter wants to safely pack- up and transport the shotgun from one location to the next, by engaging the shell stop button, the cartridge can painlessly be removed from the chamber without having another round dropping down from of the magazine tube.

This is extremely useful, especially after hunting in freezing conditions where your fingers have gone numb. Another advantage is when a shooter needs to rapidly switch over to a different load. For instance, in a situation where the hunter downs a duck with 3" shells, only to discover the bird is wounded and swimming off. Before it has a chance to get airborne again, the shooter can push the stop, eject the empty shell, reach into their jacket pocket and quickly drop a 3-1/2" magnum into the chamber.

A large trigger guard accommodates gloves, where the trigger group features a user friendly, dual push-pin removal for cleaning. A Realtree MAX-5 camo finish minimizes detection from waterfowl and other game animals, providing the ability for the shotgun to completely disappear. The raised rib barrel features a mid bead with red bar front sight that's visible and gets on target quickly.

The Benelli Nova has a rounded crossbolt safety button that is located forward of the trigger, next to the action bar release lever, and provides the most secure and natural place to keep one's trigger finger. It's easy to maintain an outstretched trigger finger along the action, where a singular downward motion will depress the safety button and puts you in direct contact with the trigger almost instantly.

When the safety is located at the rear of the trigger guard, the shooter must move their finger backward to the button, and then forward again to the trigger, which is downright unnatural and inefficient. Or even worse, keep a constant crook in your finger so it�s just above the button, which is uncomfortable. For service or repair, the shotgun is backed by a rock solid 10 year warranty. Overall, the Benelli Nova is a versatile, dependable, accurate and powerful shotgun that you can rely on every time.
Rock Solid Pump Action
Shell Sizes: 3-1/2", 3" & 2-3/4"
26" Chrome Lined, Hammer Forged, Excelsior Steel Barrel
Superior Strength: Skeletal Framework Combined with a High Tech Polymer Over-Mold
3- Interchangeable Chokes: (IC, M & F) + Choke Wrench
Magazine Capacity: 4+1
Sights: Red Bar Front + Metal Mid- Bead
Realtree Max-7 Camo Finish
Gauge: 12
Weight: 8 lbs.
Warranty: 10 Years

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