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Benelli M2 Tactical ComforTech + Ghost Ring Sights 12GA
Benelli M2 Tactical: ComforTech + Ghost Ring Sights 12-Gauge 11029
Benelli M2 Tactical ComforTech + Ghost Ring Sights 12GA (11029)

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Workhorse of the Benelli Line. Benelli is an Italian firearms manufacturer located in Urbino, Italy and is world famous for producing high quality hunting, military and law enforcement shotguns. The M2 Tactical is a no-nonsense shotgun that police and military reach for when lives are on the line. At the heart of the design is the Inertia Driven system. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Sir Isaac Newton�s First Law of Physics, "The Law of Inertia�, simply states that an object in motion (the bolt) has a tendency to stay in motion until acted upon by an another force (the recoil spring).

Benelli has harnessed this basic law of physics in their Inertia Driven system to operate the world�s fastest, simplest and most reliable semi-automatic shotgun. It never needs to be adjusted and will cycle everything from field to magnum loads with consistent reliability, year after year. First developed in 1967, there are Benelli Inertia Driven shotguns that have fired over 500,000 rounds and still functioning flawlessly today.

With no parts in the stock or affixed to the magazine tube, the gun balances evenly in the hands. The operating system is simple with only three primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt head. With a significantly reduced number of moving parts, the Inertia Driven shotgun is faster.

Due to the fact that it's not gas operated, the Benelli M2 runs smoother and cleaner. Gas, smoke and burnt powder stay in the barrel where they belong, rather than being channeled into the action, as with gas driven systems. In addition, because there are no additional moving parts to fail like gas rings, sleeves, cylinders, ports or rubber o-rings, Benelli shotguns are much more reliable.

The shotgun is incredibly simple and lightweight, weighing in at only 6.7 pounds. With no springs, action bar linkage or a heavy gas cylinder under the forend, the Benelli balances like a high performance shotgun should-- perfectly.

A rotating bolt head is attached to the main body of the bolt by means of a short, stiff spring. Vault- like, tight steel-to-steel lockup is achieved inside the barrel, and the lugs engage even tighter when the gun is fired. The bolt head, which is fitted into keyways of the barrel similar to that of a bolt action rifle, remains locked and stationary at the moment the gun is fired.

As the mass of the bolt body accelerates rapidly forward, the connecting spring subsequently becomes compressed. When it is fully tensioned, the bolt drives back, unlocking the bolt head and cycling the shotgun. The final phase of the operation occurs when the M2 Tactical's return spring, which is located in the buttstock tube, compresses and then returns the bolt into battery.

The Benelli M2 Tactical is engineered to run reliably with everything from light 2-3/4" loads all the way up to 3" magnum buckshot. The shotgun's low recoil can be attributed to its ComforTech Plus stock, which is divided into 24- shock absorbing chevrons arranged diagonally from the heel of the buttstock, to just behind the pistol grip.

The synthetic stock is designed so the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil up to 48% over the competition. Equally impressive, recovery time is improved up to 69% over other designs. An ultra soft gel pad helps to further buffer felt recoil. The ComforTech Plus comb pad cushions the cheek during recoil, and provides a slick surface that allows your cheek to slide along the comb during recoil.

This eliminates frictional resistance and insulates your face from shock and vibration. A dimpled "AirTouch" pattern is molded into the synthetic stock and forend. It provides a superior gripping surface in all weather without being overly rough to the ungloved hand. Finally, Benelli applies what it calls "GripTight", which is a synthetic, high-tech weatherproof overcoating bonded to the stock and forend that provides a sure grip, wet or dry.

The 18.5" hammer-forged barrel is exceptionally well made and has a high quality Fleurs de Lys proofed steel that is then chrome lined, which provides two major advantages. The first is to ensure that the internal barrel dimensions are perfectly concentric, which greatly enhances accuracy. The second is to add strength for handling steel shot and magnum loads.

The chrome-lined barrel is proof-tested in Brescia, Italy, to a pressure of 19,571 psi. This is roughly double the pressure of shotshells, so it provides an ample safety margin. The barrel is then stress relieved by a cryogenic freezing process that creates a uniform shot pattern, while allowing the barrel to stay cleaner, longer. Benelli refers to this as its "Crio System" and it delivers denser patterns with 13.2% more pellets on target.

Cryogenically treating a barrel relieves stresses caused by hammer forging, creating a smoother and more uniform surface. By freezing the barrel to -300F, friction is reduced internally to minimize lead and plastic residue build- up. In effect, the molecular structure of the metal is altered, making it less porous. Three Crio- accurized chokes are also included with the package-- IC, M and F.

The trigger guard can easily accommodate gloves, and the trigger group features a user friendly, one-pin removal for cleaning. For ease of operation, the bolt handle has been oversized and the bolt release enlarged. The bolt holdback button is located on the right side of the trigger guard.

Benelli's Quadra Fit drop and cast stock shim kit allows the shooter to custom fit the gun to their personal dimensions. A stealth- like, matte black finish provides maximum concealment in tactical situations. The ghost ring sights are reported to be as fast with target acquisition as bead or rifle sights, almost as accurate as rifle sights when it comes to firing slugs, while providing a high visibility sight picture easier to acquire for many shooters.

The shotgun has a triangular crossbolt safety conveniently located behind the trigger that engages quietly and easily. For service or repair, it is backed by a rock solid 10 year manufacturers warranty. Overall, the Benelli M2 Tactical is a lightweight, rugged dependable and fast handling home defense shotgun.
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
Ghost Ring Sights
18.5" Chrome Lined, Hammer Forged, Excelsior Steel Barrel
Inertia Driven: Fastest, Strongest & Most Reliable System in the World
ComforTech Stock: Reduces Recoil Up to 48% without Adding Weight
Recoil Pads: ComforTech Plus (Buttstock) & Soft Comb
3- Crio Chokes: that Includes (IC, M & F) with a Choke Wrench
Magazine Capacity: 5+1
Matte Black Finish
Gauge: 12
Weight: 6.7 lbs.
Warranty: 10 Years

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