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Benelli 828U Over/Under Bronze Anodized 24" Performance Shop Upland 12GA
Benelli 828U Over/Under Bronze Anodized 24" Performance Shop Upland 12-Gauge 10700
Benelli 828U Over/Under Bronze Anodized 24" Performance Shop Upland 12GA (10700)

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For The Double Gun Purist. The Benelli 828U over/under shotgun is a modern take on a classic design that introduces several new key technological innovations for improved reliability and high performance. It is a near perfect mix of design innovation and practical functionality that came from years of exhaustive research in the marketplace, with additional insight from competition shooters, engineers and experienced hunters.

At the heart of the design lies a lightweight and balanced shotgun, which provides instinctual pointability. The Benelli 828U weighs in at just 6.6 pounds and incorporates a high-grade alloy receiver along with a carbon fiber rib for maximum weight reduction. For the Upland hunter, this translates to less fatigue in the field, with a subsequent improvement in shot consistency as a result.

Durable steel-on-steel hinges greatly increase strength and longevity. This patented steel locking system and plate are an engineering marvel that is easily capable of handling several hundred thousand rounds over the life of the gun. The free- floating steel locking plate has four contact points with the barrel that result in a completely tight seal with the monoblock. More importantly, this system is designed to add strength while taking stress off the hinge pins. It also eliminates any receiver play over time, where the the steel-on-steel hinge lockup reduces wear.

One of the most innovative features of the 828U is the fact that break-open tension is adjustable. In other words, the feature is user adjustable and you determine how easy or difficult the shotgun is to break over. Once set, the Benelli is customizable to exactly how you like it and will not have to "Break-in", or get sloppy over time.

Unlike the levers found on traditional over/unders that re-cock the shotgun by breaking the barrels open, the Benelli 828U has an easy operating top lever that effortlessly re-cocks the hammers. Impulse driven ejectors were added to increase reliability. The shotgun has also been given an automatic safety with a top / bottom barrel selector.

For easy cleanup, the entire trigger group (guard and assembly) can be easily removed with the push of one pin. In case you were wondering, the model designation "828" is the reference code for the physical location of Benelli's manufacturing plant in Urbino, Italy-- where the "U" stands for Upland.

When it comes to innovative design, leave it to Benelli to invent the most practical features ahead of their time. Closer examination will reveal a large gap between the steel locking plate and barrels that allow for quick reloading and thereby eliminating shells that catch upon insertion. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to reload quickly, only to realize the gun has not been broken over all the way. The 828U does away with this annoyance.

Barrels are interchangeable and wear fiber optic sights that track their targets well. For uniform shot pattern accuracy, not to mention allowing the bore to stay cleaner over a longer period of time, the free- floating barrels have been stress relieved by a cryogenic freezing process. Benelli refers to this as its "Crio System" and it delivers denser patterns with 13.2% more pellets on target.

Cryogenically treating a barrel relieves stresses caused by hammer forging, creating a smoother and more uniform surface. By freezing the barrel to -300F, friction is reduced internally to minimize lead and plastic residue build- up. In effect, the molecular structure of the metal is altered, making it less porous. Five Crio-accurized chokes are also included with the package-- C, IC, M, IM and F plus Three Triple Thread Chokes: T1, T2, and T3.

Equipped with Benelli's patented Progressive Comfort System, the stock incorporates three sets of interlocking flexible buffers that absorb recoil at different stages, depending on the strength of the load. As a result, felt recoil is minimized-- even when firing hot loads. An ergonomic recoil pad and a soft gel comb pad also help to soften the blow of high volume shooting.

The 828U is the first ever over/under shotgun to come with a precision adjustment kit, allowing the shooter to easily fit the shotgun to their personal dimensions. Similar to those found in high quality semi-auto's, shim adjustments allow the user to adjust the Benelli to fit more than 40- different positions without the astronomical expense or time of specialized shotgun fitting by a custom gunsmith.

A shooter can easily adjust cast, drop, comb height and length-of-pull in just minutes with the Benelli Quadra-Fit buttstock. This system allows the user to find their natural alignment with the barrel, which translates to more downed birds or broken targets.

The Benelli 828U can proudly boast of having aesthetically beautiful and clean lines. It also has a handsome and durable bronze anodized finish. The smooth AA grade satin walnut stock and forend have elegant checkering added to the pistol grip for improved handling and control.

For warranty and repair, the shotgun is backed by a rock solid 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Overall, the Benelli 828U lives up to the company's excellent reputation of providing the highest quality, most innovative and flawlessly reliable shotguns that are available anywhere in the world today.
Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
24" Chrome Lined, Hammer Forged, Crio- Accurized Steel Barrels

Lengthened Forcing Cone
Patented Steel: Locking System & Plate
AA- Grade: Walnut Stock & Forend
Progressive Comfort Stock w/ Recoil Pad and Adjustable Comb Pads
5- Crio Choke Tubes (C, IC, M, IM & F)

3- Tripple Threat Tubes (T1, T2, T3)
Buttstock Shim Kit-- Drop & Cast Adjustments for a Better Fit
Sights: Red Fiber Optic
Custom Fitted Hard Case
Gauge: 12
Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Warranty: 10 Years

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