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ArmaLite AR-10 Three Gun Rifle 18" .308WIN
ArmaLite AR-10 Three Gun Rifle 18" .308WIN AR103GN18
ArmaLite AR-10 Three Gun Rifle 18" .308WIN (AR103GN18)

ArmaLite AR-10 Three Gun Rifle 18" .308WIN (AR103GN18)
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Technology Way Ahead of Its Time. ArmaLite has been in the business of developing and producing weapons for the commercial and military markets since the 1950's. Although the company is no longer a division of Fairchild Aviation and has since moved to Illinois, while working at ArmaLite, chief engineer Eugene Stoner invented a weapons platform that would evolve into a family of exceptional rifles.

One of his later designs -- the U.S. M-16 -- would enter military service in 1962 where it remains today as this nation's primary battle rifle some 52- years later. This makes the AR- series the longest running modern military rifle in American history.

In 1955, Stoner completed work on the revolutionary AR-10 rifle. Despite the fact it was smaller, lighter and easier to fire than any competing design, the mighty M1's heir apparent was destined to be the M-14, and the military contract was therefore awarded to Springfield Armory.

At the heart of the ArmaLite AR-10 lies a unique engineering design that would forever change the landscape of military small arms manufacturing. Unlike anything that came before, the AR-10's bolt locks into a steel extension on the barrel, not the receiver.

This advancement paved the way for the use of aluminum receivers that would substantially lighten the rifle without sacrificing structural integrity. Instead of heavier wood furniture, the stocks were being constructed from advanced materials like space age polymers. It therefore became possible to reduce the weight of this service rifle by some 40%, thus allowing a soldier to carry more ammo into the field during extended combat operations.

The aircraft grade forgings of the ArmaLite AR-10 VSR have no die cast or extruded parts in the receivers. Hard coat anodized and dry film lubed per military spec, the aluminum surfaces are corrosion and wear resistant. The gun weighs in at 8.8 lbs, placing it somewhere between a comparable AR-15 and M1A rifle.

For those familiar with the AR-15 platform, the AR-10's stock return spring and buffer are essentially the same. Moreover, both rifles position the gas tube above the barrel, which terminate in the upper receiver and then connect to the gas key on the bolt carrier group. This system of operation is commonly referred to as "direct impingement" (DI), which has several advantages over gas piston rifles. For semi- automatic rifles with barrel lengths of 16" or greater, DI is more accurate, lighter weight, far easier to free float the barrel and much less expensive to manufacture.

For additional comparison, the AR-10 shares the same charging handle placement as the AR-15 and functions identically. The takedown pin, pivot pin, safety, bolt catch release button and magazine release button are also in familiar places and accomplish the exact same functions.

However, the AR-10's bolt is different. In addition to being massive for handling a more powerful cartridge, the AR-10 bolt requires three gas rings instead of only one on the AR-15. Another noticeable difference is the firing pin, which has been spring loaded.

The 18" polished stainless steel barrel is designed for maximum accuracy and the muzzle device is a tunable brake. The 1:10" twist rate is optimized for heavier bullet weights. Thanks to its longer effective operating range and superior stopping power, the .308 caliber AR-10 has numerous advantages over its small bore counterparts.

Compared to the 55gr to 75gr bullet options on the 5.56, the 150gr to 175gr projectiles of the 7.62 cartridge deliver almost triple the energy in ft/lbs at 300 yards. This means cleaner kills and longer effective range shots on game animals -- while recoil remains controllable.

Even though the weight increase of the AR-10 platform is noticeable, it is far from being cumbersome.
The excellent Timney 4- pound competition single stage trigger breaks cleanly and evenly for enhanced shot placement. Armalite includes a lightweight, free floated, 15" keymod handguard. This model AR-10 accepts Stoner / DPMS pattern magazines and one Magpul 25- round Pmag is included.

The Raptor ambidextrous charging handle provides easier and more consistent loading of the ArmaLite 3- Gun Rifle. An MBA-1 lightweight precision stock is adjustable for length of pull and comb height to give the shooter a custom fit for improved long range accuracy.

In case a round fails to go in battery while feeding, the rifle possesses a forward assist, while a receiver dust cover prevents potential dirt and debris from entering the action during transport. A molded grip and handguard provide steady handling.

All steel parts wear a mil-spec manganese phosphate finish. The build quality is 100% with a super tight fit between the upper and lower receiver. The M4 style feed ramp, which is a smooth transitional cut into the lower receiver and barrel extension, further enhances feeding and reliability. The rifle is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Overall, the ArmaLite AR-10 3- Gun Rifle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a hard hitting .30 caliber, semi- automatic rifle for competition or simply capable of taking medium to big game.
7075-T6 Forged Aluminum Flat- Top Upper Receiver with Picatinny Rail
7075-T6 Forged Aluminum Lower Receiver
Low Profile Front Gas Block
Free Floated 15" Keymod Handguard
Stainless Steel 18" Barrel w/ Armalite Tunable Break
Timney Single Stage Trigger (4 lb)
Anodized Finish
Caliber: .308WIN / 7.62X51 NATO
Magazine Capacity: (1) 25- Round Magpul Pmag
Action Type: Semi- Automatic Gas Impingement
Weight: 8.9lbs.
Twist Rate: 1-in-10"
Warranty: Lifetime

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