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Over-the-Counter Gun Sales at Champion Firearms:

Legal Age:

  • Handguns- must be 21 or older
  • Rifles or Shotguns (Standard Buttstock)- must be 18 or older
  • Pistol Grip Shotgun (No Buttstock) must be 21 or older

Over-the- Counter Ammo Sales at Champion Firearms-

  • Rifle or shotgun ammunition- the minimum age to purchase is 18
  • Handgun ammunition- the minimum age to purchase is 21.
  • We require I.D. to verify age.

Must Successfully Pass the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (FBI NICS form 4473):

  • “Instant Criminal Background Check"- once approved, may take possession of the firearm.
  • “Delayed” Status- from the FBI means the background check was not been approved instantly and must wait for verification of clearance before taking possession of the firearm.
    • Once "delayed" the background check may "proceed" in a matter of minutes, or could take up to 3- business days to complete (excludes holidays, weekends & initial day of purchase).
    • If the FBI fails to respond within 3- business days, the purchaser may automatically take possession of the firearm on or after the 4th business day.

I.D. Requirements- must present a valid state issued driver's license or identification card:

  • We cannot accept expired I.D.'s.
  • The address listed on background check must match the one listed on the I.D.

Handguns May Only Be Sold- to individuals with a Texas driver's license or Texas I.D. card.

Rifles or Shotguns May Be Sold- to residents of any state provided all laws are observed concerning the sale or possession of the firearm within that jurisdiction.

  • Please review “States w/ Restrictions” (bottom of page).

“Straw- Man” Purchases are Strictly Prohibited and will result in the automatic cancellation of the sale.

· A straw purchase is an illegal firearm purchase where the actual buyer of the gun, being unable to pass the required federal background check or desiring to not have his or her name associated with the transaction, uses a proxy buyer who can pass the required background check to purchase the firearm for him/her. It is highly illegal and punishable by a $250,000 fine and 10 years in prison.

Buying a Gun Online

From Champion Firearms:

Please Read the Following Carefully:

FFL Transfer Arrangements- before placing an order, please contact a local dealer in your area to arrange legal transfer.

· Since we are not allowed to ship the firearm directly to you, this is your first legal prerequisite to purchasing a firearm online.

· Be sure to request any local or state laws regarding firearm ownership or possession.

· Then make sure you address all fees involved in the transfer process (i.e. FFL, DOJ, registration, licensing, etc.).

Second Prerequisite to Buying a Gun Online- will be to determine whether or not you may legally possess the firearm in the first place.

· Some states, cities or districts have fairly strict laws when it comes to firearms.

· Please check with your dealer and the proper authorities to affirm your legal ability to possess the exact type of firearm you plan to order

Final Prerequisite- will be to confirm your legal eligibility because you will have to pass the FBI NICS (depending upon region, perhaps additional) background check to own a firearm.

· Remember, disqualifying criminal offenses do not automatically drop over time.

Now, You’re Ready to Place the Order- ordinarily, you would simply just add the gun to your shopping cart and place the order...then wait for our email confirmation that we’ve captured and processed your order. However,

· Our Shopping Cart will remain inactive throughout the initial construction phase of our new site.

· All Online Orders can temporarily be placed by phone or email during this transition period (979-693-9948 or

Please Return Our Email- to confirm that everything is okay with the order and provide us with the contact info for your FFL.

· We will make immediate transfer arrangements with your FFL and then ship your order A.S.A.P.

States w/ Restrictions- we will not sell, ship or transfer restricted items unless ALL state and local requirements have been met:

California- the state Department of Justice requires a background check on all firearm sales. There is also a mandatory 10- day waiting period and a $25 fee associated with every gun purchase. All handguns, “assault weapons”, .50BMG rifles & clip- fed shotguns require state registration. All guns sold to California must be DOJ compliant (click here for a complete list). Finally, the magazine capacity limit for California is 10- rounds (excludes tube fed).

Connecticut- requires an eligibility certificate to purchase a handgun. “Assault Weapons” are prohibited and there is a 2- week waiting period for all rifles and shotguns.

District of Columbia- all firearms may only be kept in one’s home or place of business. The D.C. City Council requires registration and permitting of all firearms, while prohibiting the sale of new handguns. In addition, there is a 48- hour waiting period for handguns. Ammunition may only be purchased for the exact caliber or gauge of the registered firearm.

Florida- has a 3- day waiting period for handguns.

Hawaii- requires registration and permitting of all firearms and ammunition (14 to 20 day waiting period for a license to purchase any handgun). There is a $24 one- time registration fee for firearms and completion of a safety course is required. “Assault pistols” are prohibited (threaded barrel or flash hider). Finally, there is a magazine capacity limit of 10- rounds.

Illinois- requires a state issued “Firearms Owner’ Identification Card” to purchase firearms or ammunition. There is a 72- hour waiting period for "concealable" guns, 24- hour waiting period for long guns and a $2.00 state fee for the Department of State Police background check. The city of Chicago requires registration of all firearms, while prohibiting handguns and “assault rifles”. Chicago has a magazine capacity limit of 12- rounds, Aurora is 15.

Iowa- requires a state issued permit to purchase handguns. Must apply through sheriff’s department, fingerprints may be required and color picture I.D. card issued.

Maryland- regulates the sale and possession of handguns and “assault weapons” by registration and permitting. Purchase of a handgun or “assault weapon” is subject to approval by the Maryland State Police during a 7- day waiting period. Finally, Maryland has a magazine capacity limit of 20- rounds.

Massachusetts- has a complex and dizzying set of licensing and permitting procedures that are required to purchase firearms, magazines (“feeding devices”) and ammunition. Check carefully before making the decision to purchase a firearm-- please make sure you know what you're getting into! There is a 10- round magazine capacity limit in Massachusetts.

Michigan- requires registration and a permit issued by the Chief of Police to purchase a handgun. No registration or permits are required to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

Minnesota- requires a 5- day waiting period for all handguns and semi- automatic “assault weapon” style rifles.

Nebraska- has a 3- day waiting period for handguns.

New Jersey- a valid Firearms Purchasers Identification Card and fingerprints are required to buy a handgun, rifle or shotgun9up to 30- day waiting period). The licensing fee is $2, the FID card is $5 and the fingerprint fee is $54. State licensing is required for “assault firearms”, which also includes shotguns with a capacity of greater than 6- rounds, a folding stock, a pistol grip, etc. Finally, a magazine capacity of more than 15- round is prohibited (including tube fed).

New York- requires a state issued permit to possess & purchase a handgun (up to 6- month waiting period). New York has a magazine capacity limit of 10- rounds. New York city also requires a permit to purchase rifles or shotguns. “Assault Weapons” are prohibited. Utah- state Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Investigation must conduct and approve a criminal history background check on all firearm sales. The fee is $7.50

North Carolina- has up to a 30- day waiting period for handguns.

Ohio- has a 30- round magazine capacity limit.

Pennsylvania- has a 48- hour waiting period for firearms.

Rhode Island- requires a state criminal history background check and 7- day waiting period to purchase a rifle or shotgun. To purchase a handgun, must not fall into category of persons prohibited (determined by criminal, mental & substance abuse history) and receive a state issued handgun safety card.

South Dakota- has a 48- hour waiting period for handguns / concealed permit holders exempt.

Tennessee- requires a criminal history background check by Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for handgun purchases. The FFL dealer is required to take a thumb print at time of purchase and the TBI can charge up to a $10 fee.

U.S. Virgin Islands- has a 48- hour waiting period for firearms.

Virginia- requires a state criminal history check to purchase any firearm. The fee is $2 for in state residents, $5 for out of state residents and there is a 1- handgun per month limit (without a permit to purchase more than 1). 12- Round shotgun drums are prohibited.

Wisconsin- requires a 48- hour waiting period on handguns where a state DOJ criminal history form must be submitted and $8.00 fee is paid.

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