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Colt 1991 Government Stainless .45ACP
Colt 1991A1: 5" Government Stainless 45ACP O1091
Colt 1991 Government Stainless .45ACP (O1091)

Colt 1991 Government Stainless .45ACP (O1091)
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Continuing the Legacy. The
1911 is a single action, semi-automatic, magazine fed, recoil operated pistol chambered for the potent .45ACP cartridge. It had previously served as the standard issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 through 1986.

As a hybrid, the Colt 1991 is a direct descendant of the U.S. military M1911 and similarly shares several of the same characteristics such as a long trigger, flat mainspring housing and recoil spring system. Upgrades from the original Mil-Spec pistol include 3- dot white sights, modified grip safety and ejection port.

When the gun was first introduced back in the year 1991, Colt recognized that the market was already awash in custom 1911 pistols. For the discerning shooter looking for a high quality Mil-Spec style 1911, there were not many good options. The Colt Model 1991 was therefore conceived to remain true to its roots and reasonably faithful to the original design.

For those that prefer the look and feel of a G.I. model, but still want the user friendly and reliable features found in today's technologically advanced combat handguns, the Colt 1991 bridges the gap between modern and traditional era 1911 pistols. Colt essentially took and redesigned the MKIV Series '80 pistol to fall more in line with a workable Mil-Spec configuration.

As such, the pistol was given a rounded slide. Where early original 1911 construction was essentially pot metal, followed by an upgrade to investment cast in the 1970's, today Colt is using advanced CNC machined high grade stainless steel that is extremely wear and corrosion resistant.

All of the lines on the gun are cut crisp and straight, as are its markings. Another design change from the original M1911 can be seen in the addition of a Series '80 safety. This is a firing pin block mechanism that prevents an unintentional or catastrophic discharge if the pistol is dropped or experiences a mechanical failure.

Many 1911 purists argue that the firing pin block detracts from the original trigger, but not by much. Regardless of which Colt camp you're-in with whatever "Series" Colt, the 1991 has one of the best factory triggers of any standard 1911 on the market. It is solid aluminum with no grit or stacking of any kind.

Like most 1911 pattern pistols, the Colt 1991 has excellent design ergonomics. Its slim, single stack grip make it easy for most shooters to manipulate the controls without having to shift the pistol around in their hand. A lowered ejection port further increases reliability.

The long hammer spur is traditional Mil-Spec, which is highly sought after among purists. However, the Colt 1991 has a narrower profile than the earlier wide military style 1911 hammers. This upgrade allows Colt to maintain a lower mass and improved lock time.

While the G.I. style thumb safety virtually remains unchanged, the grip safety on the Colt 1991 has been given an extended tang to help prevent hammer bite. However, the pistol has not been given a magazine disconnect safety and will still fire with it removed.

The controls all operate smoothly and positively, where the slide-to-frame fit is snug-- but not tight. With so many manufacturers obsessed with a super tight fit today, they seem to forget that a small amount of clearance was purposely built into the original 1911 design to give dirt, powder and fowling a place to travel, rather than lock-up the pistol.

For improved target acquisition in modern self-defense situations, the G.I. style sights have been replaced with a higher profile version with a 3-dot alignment. This configuration greatly improves visibility and sight alignment, while enabling the shooter to get on target quickly.

The pistol weighs in at 35- ounces unloaded and includes a set of signature "Rampant Pony" checkered rubber grips that provide a firm grasp and enhance control while firing. Throated to feed modern hollow point ammunition reliably, the 5- inch barrel is capable of producing tight groups down range. A pair of 7- round magazines are included with the package.

For service or repair, the gun is backed by a manufacturers lifetime warranty. Overall, Colt set
the standard that every manufacturer tries to follow. The 1991 is a well built and nostalgic tribute to a legendary design that is engineered to provide years of reliable service as a self-defense pistol.
Spur Hammer
Standard Grip Safety
Standard Thumb Safety
Aluminum Trigger
Caliber: 45ACP
Magazine Capacity: (2) 7- Round
Grips: Checkered Black Rubber
Barrel: 5"
Action Type: Single
Sights: White Dot Carry Front & Rear
Weight: 35 ozs.
Slide: Stainless Steel
Frame: Stainless Steel
Warranty: Lifetime

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