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Weatherby Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua Magnum
Weatherby Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua Mag MAMM338LR8B
Weatherby Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua Mag (MAMM338LR8B)

Weatherby Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua Mag (MAMM338LR8B)
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Low prices on the Weatherby Mark V Accumark in .338 Lapua Magnum Start at Champion Firearms:

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. For Over 70- years, Weatherby has set the standard for quality and high performance hunting rifles. Established in 1945 with headquarters located in Paso Robles, California, the company originally began building its heavy duty custom rifles around the high powered magnum cartridges developed by founder Roy Weatherby.

Throughout the early years, Weatherby were seen as a status symbol akin to fine watches, caviar and Italian sports cars. In fact, while it was still considered politically correct for Hollywood's elite to hunt and own firearms, celebrities such as John Wayne and Roy Rodgers were proudly seen posing with their Weatherby rifles.

At the heart of the Mark V Accumark is an incredibly strong action. Roy Weatherby together with Fred Jennie originally engineered the venerable Mark V in 1955 to be the "World's Strongest Rifle". It has remained virtually unchanged ever since, which is a testament to the design.

Much stronger than any other sporting rifle, it is capable of withstanding unimaginable pressures of up to 200,000 CUP (Copper Units of Pressure), which is far beyond the melting point of the brass cartridge it contains. The predominant bolt action rifle system of the day was the Mauser action, but Weatherby found it to be deficient due to the fact the case head was not completely enclosed or fully supported inside the breach.

While the Mauser could easily handle pressures of 70,000 CUP, he felt the Mark V's super strong action was far safer and much more suited to handle his magnum line of high performance cartridges. Roy Weatherby had been aware that many handloaders were seeking higher performance-- and were therefore in the habit of overloading cartridges-- resulting in blown primers or ruptured caseheads.

This in turn could lead to hot gases making their way back through the action and into a shooter's face, causing death or injury. As a result, upon its commercial release in 1958, the Mark V rifle would showcase Roy Weatherby's famous "Three Rings of Steel" action, in which the barrel, bolt face and receiver ring combine to form a synergy of unequaled strength and accuracy.

Weatherby's requirements included a bolt face that was countersunk and where the cartridge case would be fully enclosed. In turn, the bolt would then be enclosed by the counterbored barrel breach, which would also assist to prevent the casehead from rupturing. And if such a rupture should ever occur, the bolt was designed with vent holes through which hot gases would be directed away from the shooter's face.

To add an extra measure of protection, he also required that a shrouded sleeve be added to the rear of the bolt to further prevent hot gasses from finding their way back to the shooter. For Roy Weatherby, safety and strength were paramount to the design. Rather than the industry standard of just two locking lugs, he designed the magnum actions with nine interrupted locking lugs and six for all standard actions.

They are arranged in three rows and spaced for a 54- degree bolt rotation. This not only makes it easier for the bolt to clear low mounted scopes during fast cycling, but eliminates the play and potential binding seen on Mauser actions when a bolt was fully retracted.

There is no raceway or guide in the traditional sense on the Weatherby Mark V, but thanks to its full diameter bolt, minimal side-to-side movement occurs during cycling. The machined one-piece bolt is round and nearly the same diameter as the receiver hole through which it slides. It has longitudinal flutes that reduce weight and friction during bolt travel, thereby providing smoother operation.

Moreover, bolt fluting reduces the surface area and provides a place for fouling to migrate, further preventing the bolt from binding. A smooth bolt handle protrudes only far enough to enable rapid operation. When locked closed the bolt is positioned directly over the trigger. Due to its smoothness, the short rotation bolt throw and well position knob handle provides the fastest geometric orientation for follow-up shots.

A rear cocking indicator allows the shooter to quickly asses the ready condition of the rifle. The forged and machined 4140 chrome-moly receiver is flat bottomed and incorporates a large, integral recoil lug. It is manufactured by Atek Metal Technologies in Minnesota whose state-of-the-art production facilities supply the world's most demanding OEM industries.

A steel trigger assembly is further built for strength. 2016 Mark V's feature the new LXX trigger, which is a user adjustable down to 2.5 lbs, single stage trigger that breaks cleanly and is free of creep. The engagement surfaces are precision ground and polished. Overall tolerances are refined and a new, wider trigger face increases trigger to finger contact.

The steel hinged floorplate magazine holds its cartridges in a staggered alignment. The rifle does not wear iron sights but is drilled and tapped for scope bases (not included). A bead blast blued steel action is mated to an ultra rigged aluminum pillar beaded Kevlar stock for consistent accuracy and long-term durability in harsh environments.

A CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bedding block secures the action without fear of shifting or loss of zero. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Mark V Accumark is its unique stock design. No other stock in history has so heavily influenced the hunting culture as Weatherby's famous signature Monte Carlo. Its high comb slants down from the back so that felt recoil moves away from the shooter's face while still providing a consistent facial reference point to establish solid cheek weld when using optics.

The Weatherby Mark V Accumark has been outfitted with a 26" hammer forged, button rifled Criterion stainless steel fluted barrel. For those unfamiliar with Wisconsin based Cirterion Barrels, Inc-- they were a former division of accuracy powerhouse Krieger and have been in the business for over 30- years. The company's forte is the production of high quality, match grade rifle barrels.

While not the cheapest way to build a rifle, Weatherby contracts out with such premium specialty manufacturers to ensure the finest product on the market. Weatherby then builds the Mark V at its facility in California and backs it up with a factory 3- shot SUB-MOA accuracy guaranty at 100- yards using premium ammunition. They also include a printout from Oehler Ballisitic Imaging Systems, which includes specific load data and computer imaging of the actual 3- shot group that is then signed by company President Ed Weatherby.
Accuracy Guaranty: SUB-M.O.A. 3-shot groups at 100 yards using premium ammunition
Factory Tuned, Fully Adjustable Trigger: extremely smooth trigger factory set at 3.5 lbs. (additional modification must be performed by a qualified gunsmith)
Hand-Laminated Raised Comb Monte Carlo stock: composite with matte gel coat finish and spiderweb accents
Stock Bedding Plate: CNC machined 6061 T-6 aluminum
26" Krieger Criterion Free Floated Fluted Barrel: provides maximum velocity & accuracy
Advanced Forged Action & 9- Interupted Locking Lug Bolt- considered to be the strongest in the world
Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum
Receiver Finish: Matte Blued
Receiver Steel: Forged Carbon
Action Type: Bolt
Sights: None (Ready to Accept Scope, Bases & Rings...Not Included)
Weight: 8.25 lbs.
Capacity: 3+1

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