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Springfield XD(M) 4.5" 13+1 .45ACP
Springfield XDM 4.5 45ACP Black Melonite XDM94545BHCE
Springfield XDM 4.5" .45ACP (XDM94545BHCE)

Springfield XDM 4.5" .45ACP (XDM94545BHCE)
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Low prices on the Springfield Armory XD(M) .45ACP start at Champion Firearms.

Raised to the Power of M. The superscript "M" in the XD(M) designation stands for "Match," and is also being used by Springfield as the code letter that sets it apart from the standard versions.

This is a self- defense pistol that has everything a shooter needs-- superior design ergonomics, reliable performance and features that make it easy to use. An even more streamlined slide sits atop one of the most natural pointing grip frames on the market.

The frame itself is constructed of a heavy duty polymer whose non- slip texture fits securely in the hand, while not being so abrasive that it chews up skin or concealment clothing. Interchangeable backstraps allow the grip to be tailored to fit your hand.

The XD(M) carries over the Government Model 1911 grip angle of the original XD...but with slightly modified contours on the backstrap, frontstrap, on both sides of the frame, as well as in the magazine-release area of the grip. These minor modifications significantly improve the feel of the gun in the hand, and the ability to operate without "breaking" your shooting grip.

Aggressive mega-lock frame texturing and major grasp slide serrations keep the pistol in your hand and operational under all conditions. The slide and frame feature aesthetically pleasing contours that make it a more concealable pistol. Springfield's engineers also increased the strength and rigidity of the polymer formula on the XD(M).

Perhaps the greatest feature of this pistol, the one that really sets it apart from the rest, is the inclusion of a 1911 style grip safety. Not only is the safety ambidextrous, it's highly instinctive as well.

Unlike a manual thumb safety, which requires conscious thought and deliberate action to deactivate (neither of which are easy in a deadly encounter), the simple act of gripping the XD(M) make it instantly ready to fire. If the thought of carrying a loaded handgun without a safety is unnerving, then the Springfield will bring peace of mind.

The pistol automatically goes back "on safe" anytime the grip is released, such as if the weapon is dropped or re-holstered.

The forged steel slide is finished with an extremely corrosion and wear resistant surface treatment called Black Melonite. For those unfamiliar with the process, this is a ferric nitrocarburized case hardening, which diffuses nitrogen, carbon and trigonal nickel directly into the metal, thereby elevating the slide's Rockwell hardness to somewhere between a file and a diamond.

Then, a black Parkerized finish is applied over the top to provide a non- glare, stealth- like appearance. At the heart of the XD(M) is what Springfield calls "USA" (Ultra Safe Assurance).

This is a 5.5lb. striker fire trigger that provides a consistently short, smooth pull, shot after shot. The trigger geometry has been worked over and the pistol has a shorter reset and take- up.

The trigger does not stack and it breaks clean. It also has an articulating safety lever built into the trigger blade. In order for the pistol to fire, direct pressure must be applied to the center of the trigger.

A tactile and visible loaded-chamber indicator is located directly behind the barrel. The device allows a shooter to confirm ready status without having to first retract the slide.

While it's always best to perform a visual safety inspection before handling any firearm, this feature is convenient in emergency situations. When suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of shattering glass, it's easy to reach over and instantly confirm that the Springfield has a round chambered simply by running your finger over top of the indicator.

In other words, if you feel the cam sticking up, then there's one in the pipe and the pistol's effectively in condition one (or zero, once you disengage the grip safety). If lying flat, the chamber is sitting on empty and it's time to lock and load.

There's also a secondary system called the striker indicator pin that can be found on the back of the slide, which protrudes outward if the pistol is ready to fire. While this device will not indicate if there's a round chambered, it will at least allow you to quickly determine if the striker is cocked.

The Springfield feeds from a double stack, high capacity magazine that, in the case of the .45 XD(M) Loaded, two are provided. They are both stainless steel thirteen rounders, that when released, drops free from the pistol.

Another user friendly feature is an ambidextrous magazine release. It's not just reversible like other brands, but works simultaneously well from either side.

When shooting hot self- defense loads, greater case support is achieved through the use a fully supported 4.5" ramped hammer forged match grade barrel, which is then Melonited for increased strength and durability. Dual slide serrations offer a firm gripping service and make it easy to charge the slide or safely preform a "press check" (pulling the slide far enough back to visually ensure a round has been chambered).

The XD(M) is extremely accurate, weighs in at 31 oz. and includes one of the best lifetime warranty's in the industry. A dual recoil spring captive full length guide rod assembly provides softer recoil and adds longevity.

The sights track well and are a low profile, 3- dot tactical configuration that are dovetailed into the slide. The frame has a molded-in Picatinny rail for the addition of tactical accessories such as lights or laser sights.

Cleaning is painless with the pistol's easy take-down system. Once the slide is locked to the rear, a downward turn on the release lever allows the gun to be quickly disassembled without the need to be dry- fired, as with its predecessor the XD.

Overall, the Springfield XD(M) is a reliable, versatile .45ACP pistol that offers excellent firepower power and is easy to conceal.
Match-Grade Barrel- fully supported ramp & bushing-free fit, typically found only on customized competition grade pistols.
Full-Length Recoil-Spring/Guide-Rod Assembly
Black Melonite Finish- salt bath nitriding process that leaves a thick, corrosion resistant, hard surface
Interchangeable Backstraps- the key ingredient of the XDM frame is 3- different interchangeable backstraps (small, medium, and large) supplied with each gun. These deeply textured inserts are easily switched by means of a crosspin. They allow each XDM pistol to be personalized to the shooter's hand size, shape, and length of the trigger finger
Maximum-Reach Ambidextrous Magazine Release
Megacapacity Magazine
Megalock Texture- the texture of the sides and frontstrap of the XDM grip feature a lugged surface that is reminiscent of an off-road tire and provides a remarkably comfortable and secure grasp.
Major Grasp Slide Serrations- the XDM slide features deeper, longer, and more slide serrations than the standard XD for a better grasp
The XD(M) Trigger has the Shortest Travel- than any currently available polymer pistol along with a similarly short reset which keeps you on target for faster, more accurate follow up shots
Package Includes- (2) magazines
Caliber: 45ACP
Magazines: (2) 13- Round
Frame: Black Polymer
Slide: Forged Steel
Manual Safety: 1911 Style Grip
Barrel Length: 4.5"
Action: Striker Driven DAO
Trigger: 5.5lb.
Sights: "Main Focus" Fixed 3- Dot
Weight: 31ozs.
Warranty: Lifetime

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