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Springfield Armory 911 9mm Black Nitride Night Sights (PG9119S)
Springfield Armory 911 9mm Black Nitride Night Sights PG9119
Springfield Armory 911 9mm Black Nitride Night Sights (PG9119)

Springfield Armory 911 9mm Black Nitride Night Sights (PG9119)
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Low prices on the Springfield Armory 911 9mm Black Nitride Slide start at Champion Firearms:

Not Your Average "Mouse" Gun. The Springfield Armory 911 9mm Bi-Tone is different than most other 9mm "pocket" pistols on the market today. In terms of size and shape, the Springfield Armory 911 is very similar to other comparable micro 9mm's. But instead of a polymer frame (as seen on most competing designs), the Springfield Armory 911 uses an all metal frame and is single action. The Springfield Armory 911 is essentially a scaled down version of the Colt 1911 in every direction, and is almost identical in appearance to the legendary Colt Mustang.

The hammer must be cocked back either manually, or by the action of the slide, to fire every shot. The advantage to this operation is two- fold. First and foremost, similar to the Colt 1911 or Mustang, the Springfield Armory 911 has a superior trigger pull when compared to double action autos. In turn, this leads to greater accuracy.

Second, the 911's single action design allows Springfield Armory to incorporate a high ride beavertail grip frame, which leads to greater control under recoil by safely placing the shooter's hand up higher along the bore axis. This generous beavertail grip also protects the web of the hand between the shooter’s thumb and trigger finger, and the hammer recesses into the beavertail section, to avoid any chance of hammer or slide-bite while firing.

In addition to being a great-looking pistol, the Springfield Armory 911 is much easier to load than other micro pistols on the market. For shooters that do not possess strong hands, it's smooth and easy slide is one of its greatest features. There are also positive vertical serrations on the back of the slide that further enhance loading and unloading.

The slide locks to the rear on an empty magazine, and the slide latch release is easy to reach with the thumb of the shooting hand. Similarly, it has a user friendly manual thumb safety which further enhances shooter usability. However, there is no grip or magazine safety.

While the 1911 is a "cocked-and-locked" design, the 911 is actually "cocked-and-unlocked". In other words, the slide can essentially be moved back and forth while the thumb safety remains engaged. This engineering design feature allows for the safe loading or unloading of the pistol.

Springfield Armory 911 weighs in at a mere 15.3 ounces and has a stainless steel slide that is extremely corrosion and wear resistant. To prevent abrasion of clothing or skin, the slide and sharp edges have been rounded. With a 3" barrel and a six round magazine, the Springfield Armory 911 includes a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that has been black hard coat anodized.

A set of excellent factory night sights sit on top of the slide, are highly visible, easy to use and tracks well in low light conditions.

Overall, the
Springfield Armory 911 is an ultra compact, lightweight, reliable and user friendly handgun that is made here in the U.S.A.

Slide- stainless steel
Single Action Design- updated, customized version of the Colt Mustang
Beavertail Style Frame- high ride hold for better control and comfort
Manual Thumb Safety- locked and cocked design similar to the 1911 / Colt Mustang
Ultralightweight & Pocket Size- weighs in at just under a pound
All Metal Design- steel slide w/ lightweight aluminum alloy frame
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: (1) 6- Round & (1) 7- Round
Barrel: 3"
Weight: 15.3 ozs.
Frame Finish: black hardcoat anodized
Trigger Pull: 7.5 to 8.5lbs
Grips- Black & Gray G10
Warranty: Lifetime

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