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Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle .22MAGNUM
Henry Pump Action Octagon Barrel .22 Magnum H003TM
Henry Pump Action .22 Magnum

Henry Pump Action .22 Magnum (H003TM)
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Made In America And Priced Right. Henry Repeating Arms takes its name from Benjamin Tyler Henry, the man who patented history's first repeating rifle in 1860. In honor of this iconic inventor, the modern day firearms manufacturer resurrected the Henry name in 1996 and currently produces their rifles in two different plants -- one located in Bayonne, New Jersey and the other in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Today, Henry ranks as the number five leading long-gun producer in the United States, quite an impressive accomplishment considering the company doesn't even produce shotguns, bolt action hunting guns or tactical firearms, but rather specializes in nostalgic lever and pump action rifles.

The Henry Pump Action .22MAGNUM joins faded jeans, mom's apple pie and the '57 Chevy as all american icons. Originally made popular in the late 1800's with the release of the Colt Lightning, the design has a long tradition in America.

It only seems fitting then that Henry recreate this time honored rifle for the modern sportsmen. Owing to its huge popularity is the fact that it is anywhere from one-half to one-tenth the price of some of the collectible pump actions from Colt or Winchester, and it is entirely made here in the U.S.A.

There is a lot to be said for a .22MAGNUM pump action rifle. While still a high capacity repeater, the necessity to work the action bars before firing each round is enough to slow young shooters down and force them to concentrate on proper shooting skills.

The rifle is also much safer than a semi- automatic, which can easily get away from a beginner. Another advantage is the Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle can cycle ammunition in a wider variety of climates. Chambered for .22MAGNUM, the Henry is capable of downing varmints at longer distances than .22LR chambered rifles.

At the heart of the design is an extremely smooth action. It is so smooth in fact that many first timers simply cannot believe the gun has any internal parts.

The Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle is fed through a tubular magazine located beneath the barrel. It is capable of holding 12- rounds. Loading is fairly straightforward -- simply twist the magazine cap and remove the inner inner brass magazine tube. Then, begin dropping rounds in through the loading port. Once fully loaded, replace the inner magazine tube and twist lock it back in place.

An 19.75" heavy octagon barrel provides excellent down range accuracy. The rear sight is adjustable, the front bead sight is well defined and the tandem gets on target well. All steel parts, such as the barrel and lever, wear a deep blued finish.

The receiver is black anodized. Weighing in at 6- pounds, the rifle can attribute its light weight and fast handling to an aluminum alloy receiver that has an integral rimfire scope rail for adding optics. The buttstock and forend are American walnut that give the rifle a very pleasing and stylish appearance.

While the Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle is powered by an external hammer, it lacks a manual safety. The rifle does, however, have a have a half-cock safety that acts as a firing pin block, and works effectively at preventing the gun from discharging if dropped or banged. A transfer bar safety prevents the gun from being discharged unless the hammer has been cocked all the way back, then the trigger depressed.

The action bar release lever is located on the trigger guard. One word of caution, don't forget to move your thumb back on the tang before using the index finger to depress the release lever and manually pump the action.

While it does not create enough force to cause damage like a Remington 887, the bolt slamming up against your thumb is nevertheless an inconvenience. For repair or maintenance, this family owned company arguably carries the best no nonsense lifetime warranty in the industry.

Overall, the Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle .22MAGNUM is exceptionally smooth, accurate and reliable rimfire rifle made entirely here in the U.S.A. by craftsmen who take pride in their products.
Exceptionally Smooth Action
100% Made in the U.S.A.
Attractive American Walnut Stock
Side Ejection
Receiver Grooved for Scope Rings
State-of-the-Art Machined Steel Barrel
Easy to Load Tubular Magazine
Hammer Block Safety
Caliber: .22 Magnum
Finish: Deep Blued
Steel: Machined Carbon
Barrel Length: 19.75" Octagon
Action Type: Pump
Sights: Adjustable Rear, Beaded Front
Weight: 6 lbs.
Capacity: 12- Rounds
Warranty: Lifetime (w/ the Absolute Best Customer Service in the Industry!)

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