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 (Pre- Test: Highly Recommended) 
  • You don't need a concealed handgun license (CHL) to keep a handgun in your vehicle or home
  • A Texas CHL is only valid for the license holder.
  • Similarly, A CHL may not allow anyone unlicensed to borrow their handgun and carry out in public.
  • To obtain a CHL, you must be capable of understanding safe handling and storage of firearms.
  • Guns should be stored so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
  • A "readily dischargeable firearm" is defined as a firearm loaded with ammunition, whether or not the chamber is loaded.
  • To prevent a child from gaining access to your readily dischargeable firearm, the only acceptable option at is to securely lock the gun away (i.e. trigger lock, gun safe, etc.)
  • If a child (defined as under 17- years of age) gains access to a readily dischargeable firearm and someone is seriously injured or killed as a result, the owner can be charged with a criminal negligence.
  • By law, handguns should remain concealed at all times.
  • A peace officer is authorized to disarm a CHL holder anytime the officer reasonably believes someone's safety is at risk. Similarly, If a CHL is arrested and taken into custody, the arresting officer is authorized to seize both the license and the handgun.
  • According to the Department of Public Safety in the 2013 "Texas Concealed Handgun Course Outline" for CHL instructors, Module 1 Subsection (d) (1): "Intoxication is defined in Penal Code 49.01" (2) "It should be clearly noted that the definition of intoxicated includes not having the use of normal mental or physical faculties. This is important to note so students understand that there is not a specific blood alcohol content required to be considered intoxicated."
  • When a police officer or magistrate demands identification, the license holder is required to display both the Concealed Handgun License & Driver’s License (or Texas ID card) while carrying a handgun.
  • Deadly force is justified to prevent the imminent commission of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated robbery.
  • In self- defense, there is no duty to retreat if you had a right to be present, did not provoke the other person and were not engaged in a criminal activity at the time the force was used.
  • Innocent bystanders and the threat being presented should be considered before using deadly force.
  • A CHL holder can still be sued in civil court and have criminal charges filed against them, even when justified in using deadly force.
  • A license holder does not have a defense to prosecution in criminal proceedings for recklessly injuring or killing an innocent third person.
  • A CHL may be suspended if the license holder fails to return a previously issued license after a duplicate license was received in the mail.
  • Texas House Bill 48 eliminates the requirement for CHL holders to complete a renewal course or take a shooting test to renew the license.
  • A licensee has one year from the date of expiration to complete a renewal course. Otherwise, the applicant must go through the entire licensing procedure all over again.
  • An instructor cannot waive training proficiency requirements, even if the instructor knows the student is proficient.
  • In the State of Texas , there are several places where an armed license holder is automatically prohibited from entering the premises. These include: the secured area of an airport, a bar (51% sign), racetrack, post office, poling place (on the day of an election), correctional facility, courthouse, schools, federal buildings or a high school / collegiate / professional sporting event. To our knowledge, military bases are also prohibited, where the "premises" (which normally excludes areas like streets, parking garages, parking lots, walkways, sidewalks or any other exterior area) are not excluded.
  • A 30.06 sign posted at every entrance will also automatically prohibit license holders from entering the premises.
  • The only lawful way to enter such prohibited areas is to securely lock the handgun in your vehicle and proceed unarmed.
  • A sign with a large "51%" is used to prohibit license holders from carrying their handguns on the premises of a bar, where the business derives fifty- one percent or more of its income from the sale of alcohol or on premises consumption.
  • When taking a flight to another state which honors a Texas permit, to take your handgun along, you must unload it beforehand, declare it as checked luggage, check the handgun in at the airline counter outside the secured area and then place it in a lockable case.
  • An employer has the right to prevent licensed employees from entering the workplace with a simple “No Guns Allowed” sign. This sign does not have to meet the posting requirements of section 30.06
  • Miscommunication can occur when there are barriers present such as cultural, age or language differences. Effective communication can also break down when emotions get in your way or when body language is ignored.
  • There are four elements to any conversation: sender, message, receiver & feedback. Feedback is the most important to ensure that your message was delivered or received correctly.
  • Behavior can be classified as falling into the following three “ego states”- "child", "parent" or the "adult". In a conflict situation, remaining in the adult state enables those involved to keep their self-respect, save face and carefully assess the situation.
  • Situational awareness is always paying attention to your physical surroundings, the people around you and being consciously safe at ALL TIMES.
  • The DPS does not disclose the contents of a license application nor releases mailing lists of licensees to anyone except law enforcement agencies.
  • According to the DPS- probation, plea agreements & deferred adjudication for a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor are all weighted the same as a “conviction”.
  • A Texas CHL is valid in this state and every state that honors our permit and the Texas license holder must abide by the laws of each individual state.
  • The purpose of using deadly force is to STOP and only be used as a last resort.
  • Proper maintenance should consist of keeping your handgun clean and lubricated.
  • A license holder has 30- days to notify the DPS of an address or name change. Here are the penalties for failing to observe this rule:
    • First Offense: 30- day suspension of a License
    • Second Offense: 1 to 3 Year Suspension of License
    • Third Offense: Revocation
  • A concealed handgun license may be revoked:
    • If the license holder was not entitled to receive one at the time of issuance
    • If the license holder subsequently becomes ineligible for the license
    • If the license holder is convicted of "Unlawful Carry of a Weapon"
    • If the license holder gave false information on the application, or failed to disclose a material fact.
  • When pulled over on a routine traffic stop, a license holder should observe the following procedures:
    • Roll Down the window before the officer approaches
    • Keep both hands in plain sight on top of the steering wheel
    • Give the officer both driver’s license and concealed handgun license
  • Handgun safety guidelines:
    • Always keep the handgun pointed in a safe direction
    • Always keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
    • Know your target, backstop and beyond
    • Treat every handgun as if it were loaded, even if you know it is not.
    • A safety catch cannot guaranty the handgun will not fire.
    • Be sure your handgun is in a good, safe operating condition
    • Know how to use your gun
    • Use the correct ammunition for your handgun
    • Use proper safety equipment such as eye protection, ear protection and appropriate headwear
    • Always follow the range safety rules
    • Use only a handgun that you are capable of shooting safely
    • When securing your handgun, always ensure it is not accessible to unauthorized persons
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