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Important Fingerprint Information:

About CHL Fingerprints: Effective March 1st, 2011-- neither instructors nor law enforcement agencies are allowed to take CHL fingerprints. To minimize the fingerprint rejection rates and streamline the entire licensing process, the DPS now mandates digital fingerprints through the national firm "L1 Identity Solutions".

L1 Identity Solutions- is in charge of all CHL fingerprinting in Texas. Their fee is $10 and they have sites located all around the state.

By Appointment Only- sorry, they typically will not accept walk- ins.

How to Schedule Fingerprints- you must first apply for your concealed handgun license before scheduling a fingerprint appointment- Click Here for more info on how to “Apply for your License”. Assuming you have completed your license application online,
To Schedule Your Fingerprints Online
  • Please Note: when submitting your license application online to the DPS, you will also be provided a direct link to L1 Solutions where you can instantly schedule your fingerprint appointment.
  • If applying by mail (through a "paper" application), you will have to wait for confirmation via U.S. mail that the DPS has actually received your application. This in turn will allow you schedule a fingerprint appointment by phone (see "Contact Information" next).
Contact Information- remember, you can only schedule a fingerprint appointment after the license application has been submitted to the DPS.
  • The phone number for L1 Solutions is 1-888-467-2080.
  • If local, our closest L1 site is 3131 East 29th Street, Building F, Suite 105, Bryan Texas.

Time Frame & Turnaround- all CHL fingerprints will be scanned electronically, and instantly transmitted to DPS headquarters in Austin. The fingerprinting process itself usually runs around 10- minutes.

Who is Required to be Fingerprinted? fingerprints are mandatory for a first time applicant, but typically not for renewals. However we can't guarantee it.
  • Although rare, there have been instances where our renewals have also been required to submit new prints after the DPS determined they could not read the original set.
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