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Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless .308WIN
Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless .308WIN
Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless .308WIN

Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless .308WIN (535206220)
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An American Classic Returns.
The Winchester Model 70 is an iconic sporting rifle held in high esteem by the American shooter and outdoorsman. First introduced in 1936, it quickly earned the title of the "Rifleman's Rifle" and is today considered a masterpiece of both craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Based on Paul Mauser's legendary German military bolt action rifle design, it was renown for its rugged reliability under adverse conditions, especially in dangerous game hunting locations around the globe. In 1999, Shooting Times magazine even proclaimed it to be the "Bolt Action Rifle of the Century".

For those unfamiliar with the mystique surrounding the original "Pre-'64" Winchester-- upon its release, the Model 70 boasted the best trigger ever put into a sporting rifle. It was handsome, uncompromisingly reliable and for its time, demonstrated respectable accuracy.

It was a complex gun to manufacture, but since skilled labor costs remained relatively low throughout the Depression era, it was not a real factor. The Model 70 rifles made up until World War II were beautifully crafted and considered by many to be some of the most highly prized and collectible guns ever produced.

By war's end, the Winchester factory was practically a mausoleum, its machinery worn out and the labor force growing hostile. As a result, the quality of the Model 70 steadily declined. Concerned about the rising cost of manufacturing, in 1964 Winchester debuted a new Model 70 that was considerably cheaper to build.

Even though the new "push feed" rifles were stronger and more accurate than their "controlled round feed" counterparts, the gun was so ugly that its owners had to practically be put on suicide watch. Beginning in 1992, Winchester began to reintroduce elements of the Pre-'64 rifles, but the quality was no longer there and the company was already in big trouble. The end finally came in 2006 when the New Haven, Connecticut plant was shut down for good.

Early in 2008, Herstal of Belgium-- which owns Winchester, Browning and Fabrique Nationale (FN)-- announced that it intended to bring back the old-style "Pre-'64" Model 70 rifle. It would be manufactured at their new state-of-the-art facility in Columbia, South Carolina-- the same site that produces small arms for the U.S. military. Assembly of the Winchester rifles, however, would eventually be moved to Portugal by 2013.

The original Model 70 trigger came to prominence because of its extreme simplicity and the fact that, once tuned, it stayed set forever. Considerable skill was required to do this, where an untuned Model 70 trigger was a nightmare. This led Winchester to replace the old system with the newly engineered modern Extreme Weather "M.O.A. Trigger", which is factory set at 3.5 pounds, but is user adjustable down to 3- pounds by the simple turn of a screw.

It is clean, crisp and and free of creep or overtravel. More importantly, there is zero take-up due to the fact the trigger spring stays in constant contact with the actuator. Creep has virtually been eliminated by the rifle's new trigger geometry, which offers a 2:1 mechanical advantage over competing designs.

At the heart of the Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather design was a system of vastly improved accuracy protocols, which of course began with the M.O.A. trigger. The original Model 70 never really developed a reputation for being an impressively accurate rifle, even though Winchester does not expressly issue a written accuracy guaranty, shooter's will nevertheless be pleasantly surprised by the new rifle's inherent accuracy.

This latest generation of "Pre-'64" rifles is advertised as, "expected to hold 1- M.O.A. accuracy, firing 3- shot groups at 100- yards with premium ammunition, superior optics and a properly managed barrel". The 22- inch cold hammer forged, match grade fluted barrel has been free-floated, where the recoil lug and tang are connected via aluminum pillar bedding. To further ensure consistent accuracy, the barrel has been crowned and recessed to protect the rifling from dings and scratches.

The Model 70 Extreme Weather action itself is a square bottom configuration, which is certainly more difficult and expensive to manufacture, but is also more accurate than a round bottom receiver. Its bottom metal consists of a solid one-piece hinged floorplate, rather than the less desirable two-piece set-up.

Two substantial locking lugs are combined with a powerful claw extractor that control each round from magazine to chamber. After each round is fired, this Mauser extractor will pull even the most stubborn cases from the chamber. A stout, blade style ejector sends empties sailing with ease, while the jeweled bolt with knurled handle provides a steady grip for fast cycling.

The Bell & Carlson Kevlar stock provides a solid feel while giving the rifle trim and lightweight ergonomics. With features like a proprietary molding system that maximizes strength and one of the industry's most acclaimed aluminum bedding block designs that offers a total lock from action to stock, you get superb accuracy, balance and strength.

The surface texture improves control and gives the shooter faster handling. The 13.75- inch length of pull is suited to most shooters and the .308WIN cartridge provides minimal recoil, while offering respectable down range ballistics up to big game. It weighs in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and has a 5- round capacity. A Pachmayr Decelerator rubber buttpad helps to soften felt recoil.

A three position safety allows the rifle to be safely loaded or unloaded from the middle position, where the rear position locks the bolt shut and keeps the rifle on safe, then all the way forward allows the rifle to both cycle and fire. The stainless steel construction is highly corrosion resistant.

For service and repair, Winchester does not offer a written warranty, but offers assurances that its products are supported with the same fairness and integrity that has always been vital to the company. Overall, the redesigned Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather is the quintessential hunting rifle design for the ages, and is built to provide many years of faithful and reliable service in the field.
Proven, Reliable Mauser Action: controlled round feed w/ a giant claw extractor...the most positive bolt action system ever invented
M.O.A. Trigger System: smooth, crisp pull that is user- adjustable between 3.5 to 5 lbs
Kevlar Aluminum Bedded Stock: Bell and Carlson's 'hand lay-up' process uses a variety of composites -- including aramid fibers, graphite, epoxy gel coats, laminating resins and polyurethane reinforcement with milled fiberglass. The Extreme Weather stock is reliable at temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to +140 degrees
Hammer Forged, Free- Floated, Fluted Stainless Barrel
Three Position Safety- is easily accessible and allows the shooter to quickly and safely load or unload the weapon
Jeweled Bolt Body w/ Knurled Handle
Caliber: .308WIN
Metal: Stainless Steel
Stock: Bell & Carlson's Kevlar w/ Aluminum Bedding Block (13-3/4" L.O.P.)
Barrel: Hammer Forged 22" Fluted
Action Type: Bolt
Sights: None (Drilled & Tapped for Scope- Not Included)
Weight: 6-lbs, 12-ounces
Warranty: None Provided By Manufacturer

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