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Walther PK380 Angel Blue .380ACP
Walther PK380 Angel Blue .380ACP 5050325
Walther PK380 Nickel .380ACP

Walther PK380 Nickel .380ACP (5050309)
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85- Years in the Making. The Walther PK380 has some awfully big shoes to fill. The very first Walther .380 handgun debuted back in 1929 and in some respects, the PK380 is a legacy handgun that represents the German firm's modern commitment to lightweight, space age polymer designs. This is a traditional double action pistol that's easy to load and even easier to shoot.

At the heart of the PK380 is a locked breech design that's different from most other .380 handguns, which are classified as direct- blowback. As a result, the recoil is greatly reduced, especially when compared to pocket sized .380s-- which can be brutal to shoot.

This technology has come at a price, however, as the PK380 is noticeably larger than its pint- sized counterparts. On the flip side, because the recoil is so much softer, the gun should appeal to anyone looking for an accurate, reliable, self- protection handgun.

Along these same lines, the Walther locked breach design enables the user to load a round in the chamber much easier. Just as the length and mass of the slide were increased to ensure reliability, so did the ability to easily rack the slide back.

For those with weak hands, arthritis or other physical impairments, this is perhaps the pistol's single greatest feature. Distinctive flat bottom serrations provide an outstanding gripping surface that make charging the slide even easier. The front of the frame has a tactical rail for mounting a light or laser.

The gun is truly ambidextrous, with the magazine release being centrally located under the trigger guard with safety levers on either side of the slide. Unique to German made pistols, the magazine release levers are hinged so the shooter to can eject the magazine with either hand.

This feature is simple, easy to activate and the magazine drops free from the gun. When comparing safety features, in addition to the thumb safety acting as a hammer block, the gun also has an internal firing pin block as well. The firing pin cannot contact the primer unless the trigger has been pulled.

The Angel Blue, textured
polymer frame has built- in finger grooves that feel great in the hand. While ideal for small hands, the ergonomic grip is still long enough for anyone with large hands. To further enhance control and handling, an eight round steel magazine is included that features a finger groove extension on the base plate. The slide has a nickel finish that provides corrosion and wear resistance.

A loaded chamber viewport is located in between the extractor and rear portion of the 3.66" barrel, which allows the user to quickly look down and assess the gun's ready status without having to first retract the slide. If a round is chambered, then brass can be seen through the viewport.

The gun weighs in at a mere 1.2 pounds unloaded and while the trigger pull is not great, it's certainly not bad. The first shot is a 10- pound, long double action pull. In subsequent follow- up shots, the single action trigger pull drops down to just 4- pounds. Low profile 3- dot combat sights provide rapid target acquisition, and the rear is adjustable for windage.

In addition to its increased size, there are a couple of potential disadvantages that prospective Walther PK380 buyers should take into consideration. The first is the absence of a slide stop, which is really a wash for most defensive minded shooters because they typically avoid using this feature.

For seasoned shooters, "thumbing" the slide release while reloading is is generally frowned upon. The correct method is a technique referred to as the "Power Stroke", which consists of a weak had crossover grasp of the slide serrations, a quick rearward pull, then immediate release of the slide. The second potential disadvantage is the pistol's lack of a decocking lever.

The hammer must either be lowered down manually, or the thumb safety can be engaged to carry in a single action, "locked-and-cocked" mode. Overall, the Walther PK 380 is a well built, accurate and user friendly .380 self- defense pistol.
Soft Recoil: ideal for training or self- defense
Integral Tactical Rail
Ambidextrous Safety & Magazine Release
Caliber: .380ACP
Magazine Capacity: (1) 8- Round
Barrel: 3.66"
Action Type: Traditional Double
Sights: 3- Dot Steel
Weight: 19.4 ozs.
Slide: Steel w/ Nickel Finish
Angel Blue Frame: Wear Resistant Polymer
Warranty: Lifetime

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