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  Taurus 65 6-Shot Cylinder Stainless 4" .357MAG
Taurus 65: Stainless 6-Shot 4" .357MAG 2650049
Taurus 65: Stainless 6-Shot 4" .357MAG 2650049

Taurus 65: Stainless 6-Shot 4" .357MAG 2650049
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Product Code: 2650049

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Low prices on the Taurus 65 .357 Magnum start at Champion Firearms:

The Affordable Magnum. The Taurus Model 65 is a medium frame revolver chambered for the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge. But, even so, the gun is equally at home firing reduced power .38 Special ammunition on the firing range. It is constructed of a forged stainless steel that is then bead blasted for a non- glare appearance. The six shot fluted cylinder is rated for full power magnum loads and the 4- inch barrel features an full underlug that protects the ejector rod from being bent if the underside of the barrel were to violently strike against something, or even get dropped. The gun is somewhat beefy and weighs in at 38- ounces. While it may not make the ideal concealed carry gun, the Taurus 65 is more than capable from a nightstand, center console, desk drawer or strapped to your hip while out hunting. The rubber grip accommodates all three of the shooter’s gripping fingers for a firm and secure hold, and also helps to absorb recoil.

A transfer bar safety is mounted on the frame. If you're unfamiliar with the function of a transfer bar, it prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. The invention of the transfer bar allows the revolver to be carried with a full five rounds in the cylinder without the chance of the hammer being snagged and / or being dropped, then inadvertently discharged. The Taurus 65 is a traditional double action design. Shots can be fired in either a double action mode, or for greater precision, the hammer can be easily cocked back and fired using a crisp single action trigger pull. The hammer is checkered on the top side, making cocking sure and foolproof. The double action mode is long, but the trigger remains smooth throughout. When cocking the hammer for single action, the trigger pull is almost imperceivable. For target acquisition, the revolver has a low profile u- notch set of fixed sights that track well enough for their intended purpose, which is close range, off hand shots.

Some ask the question, "why own a revolver?" The answer is simple, revolvers provide solutions no other type of gun can offer. They are simplistic and unlike semi- automatics, don't jam- up, stovepipe, fail to feed or extract. They are not only more reliable mechanically, but also more forgiving with operator error, and are much easier to operate under stress. With revolvers, there’s no chance of limp-wristing or creating a stoppage. There's no magazine to accidentally eject and no foreign objects to impair the action. Loading and unloading are much more user friendly, and accomplished by using gravity to drop rounds or shells directly into the cylinder, versus a wrestling match trying to cram rounds into a magazine under spring tension. In addition, revolvers aren't picky about the types of ammo they fire. When encountering misfires, rather than highly skilled clearance drills required to get a semi- auto back on line, revolvers only require that an operator squeeze the trigger again. Yes, basic gun handling skills prevent some of the operator-induced mistakes that cripple semi-auto's, but these type of errors are practically non- existent on a revolver.

While the Model 65 is certainly a more affordable wheel gun, there are trade- offs and no legitimate product review would be complete without disclosing the fact Taurus is nowhere near the quality of competing brands like Ruger or Smith & Wesson. On paper, Taurus appears to be every bit as good as a Smith & Wesson, and perhaps even slightly superior to Ruger, but in reality, this is simply not the case. When customers do the math and then ask, "since the Taurus is 40% less expensive, is Smith & Wesson really 40% better?" In a word, YES!-- and then some. While not every Taurus sold is defective, when customers complain about having problems with a revolver, it's almost exclusively Taurus. As a gun store, we sell several thousand firearms per year, and I honestly don't remember the last Ruger or Smith & Wesson revolver that was defective. In fairness, the 65 is only one of three Taurus models that we rarely experience any problems, and is the only reason we continue to stock the gun. Another important consideration is Taurus offers a lifetime warranty, but the customer service experience with the company has left a lot to be desired in the minds of our customers. For years, Taurus leadership has vowed to increase quality control, and we will continue to pull for the Brazilian manufacturer. Until then, the Taurus Model 65 will remain marred by obscurity as the decent and affordable revolver that actually has a reasonable track record of reliability.
Medium Size "K-Frame"
Traditional Double Action
Transfer Bar Safety
Internal Key Lock Safety- located discreetly on the back of the hammer, completely deactivates revolver
Caliber: 357 Magnum / 38 Special
Cylinder Capacity: 6- Round
Frame & Cylinder: Forged Stainless Steel
Barrel Length: 4"
Action: Traditional Double
Sights: Fixed U- Notch
Weight: 38 oz.
Grips: Rubber Monogrip w/ Finger Grooves
Warranty: Lifetime

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