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Springfield XD-S Essentials Black Melonite 3.3" .45ACP
Springfield XDs Essentials Micro- Pistol 45ACP Black XDS93345BE
Springfield XD-S Essentials .45ACP Black

Springfield XD-S Essentials .45ACP Black (XDS93345BE)
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Low prices on the Springfield XD-S Essentials .45ACP start at Champion Firearms.

One of the most anticipated handguns to come along in a long time is Springfield's XD-S single-stack 45ACP pistol. Why all the excitement? Simple. This is THE quintessential single-stack, ultra- compact, concealed carry big bore handgun that shooters have been eagerly anticipating for many years.

There are a great many 9mm and .40S&W ultra-compacts on the market today, but the XD-S .45 is in a league of its own. Many Americans now have concealed carry licenses and there is a huge demand for small, hide-able handguns that can stop an attacker cold in their tracks.

The short barrel—while making the gun easy to carry—will be criticized by some as “sacrificing velocity.” However, the .45ACP does its work by mass and diameter, not by speed. What may be lost in terms of velocity in a shorter barrel, will be more than made up by the .45's greater stopping power.

The manufacturer's spec sheet can only provide a small glimpse into the XD-S's overall dimensions, and will not do it justice. You really have to hold one to appreciate how compact and slick this little gun is.

The overall height of the pistol is only 4.4", an overall length of 6.3", where the width is a miniscule 1" - we're talking extremely concealable. Springfield built the XD-S around a five-round single-stack magazine and the resulting frame is amazingly easy to wrap your hand around.

It has two interchangeable backstraps and the result is to change the pitch in your hand, not make it bigger or bulkier. The compact grip also makes concealed carry easier, as the shorter frame is less likely to print under your shirt or jacket.

The frame has aggressive checkering for a secure grip and includes an ambidextrous magazine release for left or right hand shooters. A dual spring full length guide rod helps to reduce recoil, while a fiber optic front sight helps the pistol track well, even in low light conditions.

An integral Picatinny optics rail further enhances the pistols tactical capabilities by providing the option to attach lasers or lights. At the heart of the pistol is what Springfield calls its "USA" (Ultra Safe Assurance) trigger system.

It is a 5.5lb. smooth striker driven trigger that provides a consistent short pull, shot after shot. Perhaps the greatest feature of the XD-S, and the one that sets it apart from other compact double action 45's like the Glock Model 36, is the incorporation of a 1911 style manual grip safety.

Not only is the grip safety ambidextrous, but instinctive as well. Unlike a manual thumb safety that often requires calm and collected thought to deactivate quickly, something that's not easy during a deadly confrontation, the natural act of picking up the XD-S and wrapping your hand around the backstrap automatically disengages the grip safety.

For those that don't like the idea of carrying a loaded pistol in their vehicle's console or nightstand without a manual safety, the Springfield XD-S certainly brings peace of mind while operating in condition one. The forged carbon steel slide is finished with a surface treatment called Black Melonite.

It is extremely wear and corrosion resistant. For those unfamiliar with the process, this is a ferric nitrocarburized case hardening treatment, which diffuses nitrogen, carbon and trigonal nickel directly into the surface metal, thereby elevating the Rockwell hardness to somewhere between a file and a diamond. Then, a black Parkerized finish is applied over the top to provide the guns non- glare, stealthy appearance.

The Springfield XD-S weighs in at only 21.5 oz and that's light for such a powerful micro pistol chambered in 45ACP. The barrel is only 3.3" long - about as small as you can get and still have a gun work reliably in .45 caliber.

A loaded chamber indicator makes it possible to make instant tactile condition assessments, even in the dark, by simply running the weak hand thumb over the hood. If you can feel the raised cam sticking up, then you know there's one in the pipe. If it's lying down flat, then the chamber is sitting on empty.

You might expect that a compact big bore handgun like this would be hard to control, yet recoil is surprisingly modest for such a powerhouse. The flex of the polymer combined with the shape of the frame minimizes recoil, despite the pistol's diminutive size.

The advantage to the longer magazine becomes apparent while carrying concealed inside the waistband. The additional gripping surface converts the micro compact dimensions into a more manageable size that is workable for big hands.

In addition, the extended magazine comes with a slide on sleeve to match the two different interchangeable backstrap profiles. Overall, the Springfield XD-S is a reliable micro compact .45ACP pistol that offers excellent stopping power and is easy to conceal.
Essentials Kit Includes: 2 Interchangeable Backstraps, (1) 5-Round Flush Fit Magazine, (1) 6-Round Mid-Mag X-Tension, Lockable Hard Case, Cable Lock, & Bore Brush
1911 Style-
manual grip safety that only allows firing when the shooter has a firm grasp on the pistol.
USA Trigger System- "USA" (Ultra Safe Assurance) trigger system guards against accidental discharge, from dropping or bumping it, by locking the trigger in place until direct rearward pressure is applied.
Black Melonite Finish- salt bath nitriding process that leaves a thick, corrosion resistant, hard surface.
(2) Interchangeable Backstraps- these deeply textured inserts are easily switched by means of a crosspin. They allow each XDs pistol to be personalized to the shooter's hand.
Loaded Chamber Indicator-allows the shooter to verify, without a doubt, whether visually or by touch, that there is a round in the chamber.
Secure Grip Texture- reminiscent of an off-road tire and provides a remarkably comfortable and secure grasp.
Caliber- .45ACP
Barrel- 3.3"
Magazine - (1) 5-Round
Weight- 21.5 Ounces
Sights- steel dovetail rear with fiber optic front
Slide- forged steel
Frame-black polymer
Overall Width- 1"
Warranty- Lifetime

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