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Remington 870 Youth 21" Laminate Short Stock 20GA
Remington 870 Youth 21" Laminate Short Stock 20GA
Remington 870 Youth 21" Laminate Short Stock 20GA 25561

Remington 870 Youth 21" Laminate Short Stock 20GA
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History's Most Successful Pump Design. Over the last 63- years, the Remington 870 is probably the best known and best selling shotgun of all time. With one of the most impressive productions runs in the history of modern firearms, the 870 is a testament to American ingenuity.

Originally designed in 1951, sales have topped the 10 million mark. No other sporting arm in history can lay claim to such an impressive achievement. Even when compared to successful military arms, rifles such as the AK-47 have been produced in over 30 different countries with a 4- year head start. The fact that Remington has achieved such success from a non- military firearm produced in a single manufacturing plant is nothing short of extraordinary.

The 100% American made Model 870 has evolved to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of hunters and shooters alike. Remington has been a leader in the field of safety and performance features. Its unique design combines a balanced sear plus inertia firing pin to prevent discharge unless the action is completely closed and the trigger depressed. A large ejection port stays unobstructed when shooting over walls, car hoods or other barriers.

The shotgun also features non- binding twin action bars that are smooth and easy to operate. Though considered common place today, Remington first pioneered this break- through technology in the years immediately following World War II.

Before then, pump designs employed single action bar mechanisms which placed uneven pressure and torque on the bolt as the shotgun was being cycled. This in turn made single bar designs prone to malfunction and breakage. Twin action bars even out the pressure and make the gun more reliable.

At the heart of the Remington 870 is a receiver milled from solid billet steel for maximum strength and reliability. The magazine tube is located beneath the barrel, where it is press threaded and then silver soldered to the action.

Feeding and loading are almost effortless, taking place from the bottom of the receiver. This is a side eject design where the bolt locks into an extension on the 21" barrel.

The gun has been threaded for RemChokes and is supplied with one modified choke tube and a wrench. The gun's positive crossbolt safety is located behind the trigger, is easy to operate and has a high visibility indicator to help instantly determine condition of the gun (red showing= off safe / ready to fire).

Over the years, the Remington 870 has undergone a number of performance upgrades. One such modification helps prevent the gun from locking up in the middle of a firefight.

Short stroking the action has always been an issue for any pump shotgun, and could prove especially problematic when it occurred on older Model 870's. Quite simply, short stroking is the condition of not racking the bolt far enough back to completely drop a cartridge out of the magazine tube.

When a short stroke occurred, the older Remington's experienced major difficulties when shells became lodged in the carrier. Remington engineers invented the "Flexitab" system, which as the name implies, uses a 1/2" u-cut in the carrier to provide enough flex to quickly un- jam the shotgun.

To be clear, short stroking is not a design flaw on the part of the shotgun, but a training deficiency on the part of the shooter. To avoid this condition, the shooter must practically bounce the forend off the receiver when pumping the shotgun, then completely follow through while rechambering.

The Remington 870 is chambered for 2-3/4" shells, but can easily handle 3" steel shot. A slightly raised ventilated rig has a bead front sight that rides on the barrel and helps get the shooter on target quickly.

All metal parts wear a matte blued finish. Capacity is 4+1 rounds, but also includes a plug for hunting migratory birds. The 13" short laminate wood buttstock has a nice grip texture with a non- slip recoil pad for positive shoulder engagement.

A checkered laminate wood forend provides solid traction while racking rounds in and out of the chamber. Should the Remington 870 ever require service, it is backed by a full 2- year warranty. Overall, the Remington 870 is a well- built, reliable and user friendly self- defense shotgun.

Shell Sizes: 3" & 2-3/4"
21" Barrel
Laminate: Wood Stock & Forend
13": Short Length-of-Pull Stock to Accomodate Shorter Shooters
(1) Screw- In Choke Tube (Modified) with a Choke Wrench
Matte Black Finish
Gauge: 20
Weight: 6 lbs.
Warranty: 2- Year

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