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Marlin 336W Blued Laminate .30-30WIN
Marlin 336W Blued Birch .30-30WIN
Marlin 336W Blued Laminate .30-30WIN

Marlin 336W Blued Laminate .30-30WIN (70520)
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Side Ejection Perfection. Nothing in the world is more purely American or iconic as the lever action rifle. In fact, just after the Civil War, the most advanced rifles known to man were lever carbines with tubular fed magazines. These "cowboy" guns dominated the Old West, also proving themselves to be highly effective hunting rifles for over 150 years.

At the heart of the design is a solid top, side eject receiver-- technology that would pave the way for mounting optics. This singular achievement would later allow the platform to be classified as a truly modern hunting rifle. The story of this gradual transformation can trace its origins back to the late 1860's, when Henry and Winchester lever action rifles first made their debut on the U.S. market. Then in the year 1881, the Marlin Firearms Company arrived on the scene and things would never be the same again.

Over the next half century, Henry folded, Marlin lagged behind in relative obscurity, while the rifles designed by legendary inventor John Moses Browning and produced by Winchester would remain a staple of the American frontiersman. However, by the 1930's an inescapable design flaw began to come into sharp focus for sportsmen around the country -- the Winchester's couldn't take a scope.

And that's when Marlin took the lead from behind, capitalizing on an unforeseen design bonus, all courtesy of a remarkable stroke of engineering genius. In 1893, Marlin filed for a lever action design patent that featured a forged action with something altogether revolutionary-- side ejection-- which Winchester rifles unwittingly lacked.

Despite being a true genius and possessing a rare insight into firearms technology, John Browning certainly could not have foreseen the inevitable popularity of hunting optics. This new Marlin rifle was cleaner, had less moving parts, was less likely to bind up or have debris fall into the action and prevent it from working properly.

Later refinements at the onset of WWII saw a rounded, massive alloy steel bolt body firmly supported and engaged in a broad, deep locking surface inside the breech, giving the rifle an even stronger lockup. After WWII, Marlin's solid top receiver would prove an ideal mounting platform for riflescopes, which became wildly popular among returning GI's turned avid deer hunters.

By contrast, Winchester top ejectors meant awkwardly offsetting a scope to the side of the receiver, which caused problems due to parallax. It wasn't until the Reagan administration in 1982 that Winchester finally redesigned its action to angled cartridge ejection, which then made possible the top mounted scope-- amazing when you stop and consider Marlin already had this technology in place back when Grover Cleveland was still president.

To provide shooter's with maximum overall security, the Marlin 336W is equipped with four highly effective safety features. In the event a rifle is banged or dropped, the first safety feature is a half- cock hammer that prevents it from making contact with the firing pin.

Next is a crossbolt safety, which even goes a step further and acts as a hammer block, or mechanical barrier, to help prevent unintentional discharge. The third safeguard is a patented Marlin mechanism dating back to the year 1893 -- a two piece firing pin that forces the rear section to drop out of alignment until the locking bolt is fully engaged. The final safety feature is a trigger block that prevents the gun from being discharged unless the lever is completely closed.

Introduced in 1948, the Marlin 336W is a direct descendant of the Model 1893. The furniture is an attractive brown laminate resistant to the elements.

A pistol grip, clean cut checkered buttstock and standard contour forend combine to provide excellent handling and control when firing off hand. The rifle's deep blued finish provide a classical appearance to an already timeless design.

Ammunition feeds via the rifle's 6- shot tubular magazine. The round profile 20" barrel has Micro-Groove rifling and exhibits excellent accuracy. For those unfamiliar with Micro-Groove barrels, the rifling contains more lands and grooves than conventional barrels, resulting in a bullet that is not as deeply distorted and therefore more accurate.

While drilled and tapped for a scope mount, the Marlin 336W also wears an adjustable, folding semi- buckhorn rear with brass front bead sight and Wide-Scan hood that is highly visible and gets on target quickly. An ambidextrous offset hammer spur is included for use in conjunction with scopes and the rifle weighs in at 7- pounds unloaded.

Despite the fact just about everyone can shoot more accurately with a scoped rifle, there are instances where a deer gun with open sights becomes indispensable. In thick brush, big timber, or in adverse whether conditions, iron sights perform remarkably well-- not to mention greatly improving the balance of a rifle for off- hand shots.

For service or repairs, the rifle is backed by the company's standard 5- year manufacturer's warranty. Overall, the Marlin model 336W offers the advantage of being chambered in a .30-30WIN cartridge that has likely taken more game animals than any caliber ever invented.

Limited to closer range applications, well made lever guns like the Marlin compare favorable with their bolt action counterparts in terms of minute-of-angle accuracy-- while operating much faster and more efficiently for follow- up shots. Similarly, a lever action rifle may not cycle as fast or carry as many rounds as a semi- auto like the AR-15, but is more powerful, more compact, better balanced plus costs far less to purchase.
Solid Top Receiver w/ Side Ejection: ensures strength and allows easy mounting of optics (drilled & tapped)
Tubular Fed Magazine: convenient, handy, low profile design is easily fired prone, standing or from a blind
Caliber: .30-30Win
Finish: Deep Blued
Steel: Carbon
Stock: Hardwood (Birch)
Barrel: 20" w/ Micro Groove Rifling
Action Type: Lever
Sights: Adjustable Semi- Buckhorn Rear w/ Hooded Front Bead (Drilled & Tapped for Scope)
Capacity: 6- Shot Tubular Fed Magazine
Weight: 7 lbs.
Warranty: 5- Year

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