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FNH USA SCAR 17 Flat Dark Earth .308WIN US MADE
FN SCAR 17S .308 / 7.62
FN SCAR 17 Flat Dark Earth .308/7.62 (98541)

FN SCAR 17 Flat Dark Earth .308/7.62 (98541)
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A Real Game Changer. FN has set out to build the world's best 7.62 rifle with the SCAR 17, which is short for "U.S. Special Operations Command Assault Rifle". It is essentially the semi- automatic civilian version of the rifle issued to the Army Rangers.

The United States has not fielded a true .30 caliber battle rifle since the Vietnam War when the M-14 was replaced -- and for good reason. A full size cartridge like the 7.62 NATO has a lot of power and muzzle climb compared to the more subdued 5.56 round. Creating an effective infantry rifle capable of operating under those types of forces has been a major challenge. FN Herstal believes they've engineered the perfect solution, which the military is in the process of adopting.

At the heart of the FN SCAR 17 design lies its short stroke gas piston system. The technology is similar to the U.S. M1 Carbine, FN-FAL or AK-47 rifles -- where expanding gases act upon a telescoping piston, which then operate the bolt.

This system allows for cleaner operation than direct gas impingement, with FN claiming an amazing 90% carbon reduction in the action when compared to the AR-10. Even though the SCAR has several features that contribute to this rifle's modest recoil, one of the most significant benefits of gas piston operation is that it helps tame larger calibers. By nature, the larger the caliber, the larger the bolt carrier required to handle the pressure -- and compared to 5.56, the 7.62 bolt is massive. Since the gas piston is only in contact with the bolt for a brief period, the momentum of the beefy carrier is spread out over a longer period of time, making recoil feel significantly lighter.

A 16.25" free floated cold hammer forged barrel provides tack driving accuracy for a semi- automatic rifle. It is then hard chromed to prevent corrosion and enhance feeding.

Cold Hammer Forging alters the steel at a molecular level creating the most accurate, longest lasting barrels available. The barrels are then Salt Bath Nitride treated, giving the steel the corrosion and abrasion resistance required to withstand years of use. A 1:12" twist rate allows the gun to stabilize 168 grain match bullets all the way down to 147 grain standard ball ammunition.

A PWS muzzle device has been included, which is just one more contributor to this rifle's low felt recoil, even under rapid fire. Perhaps the biggest contributor to the FN SCAR 17's modest kick can be found in its in- line recoil system.

The primary reason why the M-14 was replaced during the Vietnam War was due to the design's uncontrollable muzzle rise in full auto fire, which directs recoil over the top of shooter's shoulder. Similar to the M-16, the SCAR directs recoil directly into the shoulder where it belongs to during sustained fire. When you combine gas piston operation with the FN's in- line system and PWS muzzle device, it becomes a real game changer.

Rather than using a buffer tube and return spring inside the stock like an AR-10, the FN SCAR 17's spring is entirely contained inside the upper receiver assembly. The buttstock is adjustable for length-of-pull to fit an individual shooter's dimensions, but also folds to the right side for easier transport or while operating in confined quarters.

When folded, the buttstock locks onto the empty case deflector to prevent it from flopping around. To help maintain proper eye relief when using optics, the buttstock has a flip- up adjustable comb which instantly establishes proper cheek weld. The checkered A2 pistol grip should be familiar to any AR-15 owner and provides controlled handling.

One of the most unique features on this rifle is its gas regulator, which has two working positions plus a disassembly position. While the first position is for normal use, the second is designed to be used in conjunction with sound suppressors.

Similar to an AK-47, M1, M-14 or FN-FAL, the FN SCAR 17 has a reciprocating bolt handle -- and similarly, caution must be observed to ensure the shooter's extremities do not impede the path of the bolt, or the rifle can fail-to-feed or even cause injury to the hand. The bolt handle is ambidextrous (reversible) and in the event a cartridge fails to go all the way into battery, it can serve as an impromtu forward assist. In addition, the forward bolt handle design makes is amazingly simple and easy to perform press checks.

Made in the USA, the upper receiver of the FN SCAR 17 is constructed of an advanced 7075-T6 forged aluminum alloy, where the lower is synthesized from a durable, lightweight polymer. Integral to the upper receiver platform is a full- length Picatinny rail for mounting optics, which also includes three forward forend rails that offer attachment points for tactical accessories such as light, laser, bipod or vertical foregrip (none of which are included with the package).

In addition, there are numerous sling attachment points on the rifle. The rifle weighs in at 8.0 lbs. empty and takes the company's proprietary magazines (one 20- round is included) -- which means this rifle does not accept PMAGS.

The FN SCAR 17 has folding sights that are fully adjustable for windage correction, with a dual rear aperture marked for distance and elevation. Both the magazine release and safety switches are ambidextrous for use by right or left hand shooters.

However, the bolt catch is single sided. The finish is a flat dark earth, which is perhaps the sharpest looking of its kind in the entire industry.
While many years of dependable service can be expected from this rifle, for repair or maintenance, similar to FN's subsidiary company's Browning and Winchester -- no written manufacturer's warranty is provided. Overall, the FN SCAR 17 is a highly accurate, well built, low recoil, state-of-the-art big, bore semi- automatic rifle.
Piston Driven: Gas System
16.25" Hammer Forged Barrel Mil-Spec: Free Floating 1-in-12" Twist with Hard Chrome Bore
Buttstock: Side Folding & Collapsible
Reversible: Charging Handle
Magazine: (1) 20- Round FN Pattern
Flip- Up Front & Rear: Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS)
Ambidextrous: Safety & Magazine Releases
2- Position Gas Regulator: For Standard and Suppressed Fire
PWS Muzzle Break: Best in the Industry
Monobloc Upper Receiver w/ Forward Picatinny (Quad) Rails
Caliber: .308WIN/7.62NATO
Weight: 8 lbs.
Warranty: No Witten Provided

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